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Thread: Nipple Pain, Not teething, not poor latch

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    I'm hoping someone can help me or have some ideas. About four days ago my nipples were a little sensitive and one was a little painful, my 19month son also abruptly stopped nursing that day. He nursed twice in the morning and then once in the entire night that followed. which is very rare for him, he nurses about every three hours in the day and every two at night. The next day he was right back to normal only my nipples got worse. The left got quite painful but only during latch on, after he nurses for a bit it goes away and just feels like he's tugging or sucking extra hard, The other one was a little slower but is now almost as sensitive right at latch on and for a lilbit of nursing then goes away, as the other one. There is no pain when he is done. they are a little red but not itchy or shiny like they say thrush is. There is no pain deep inside my breast either. They feel maybe heavier but I've taken three pregnancy tests in the last week and half and all were negative. I'm still experiencing lactational amenhorrea and really have no idea where in a cycle I would be so could this be a sign of my period returning? I've been taking raw garlic since my spouse got sick with a cold and I didn't want to get it and I've also been taking probiotics so I'm not convinced it is thrush or bacterial since that sounds like it should be a much stronger, lasting pain and should have responded to both from what I understand. I'm just dreading latch on every time he wants to nurse and he's a hungry little guy. We corrected a lip-tie a couple months ago and before that I used to get mastitis a lot in the left (and more painful breast) but I haven't had it since we had that taken care of. Not sure if that could tie in with anything. Please let me know your thoughts! Really want the pain to go away.

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    ok if you are pretty sure it is not thrush, then I think having some sensitivity due to your fertility returning makes sense. But thrush is notoriously tricky to diagnose.

    Another common cause for nursing discomfort in later babyhood and toddlerhood is needing to adjust positioning to make room for growing child. You want to make sure your son's chin is not tucked, that he can tilt his head back a bit to get a comfortable latch. Adjusting positioning may help with breast refusal as well.

    Whatever it is, going back to latch basics may help. Also at this age you may be able to get him to latch better by showing him how to open wide and to 'nurse slower' or "nurse softer' etc- whatever words he might understand.

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    Thank you! I hadn't really noticed whether his chin was tipped or not. I've been paying attention and sometimes he does get a little scrunched up position wise if he is sitting next to me. We will see if it goes away, though he's been nursing in similar positions for months without a problem so I'm not sure that's the cause. It can't hurt though and always good to be aware of! I'm treating for thrush naturally just in-case.

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    Illness from a cold or flu can cause unusual latch and changes either way in nursing frequency in a child feeling under the weather. The first sign I usually get that my son is coming down with a cold is sloppy latch.

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    I get it by ovulation. Even before my period returned.
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    It was my first period! 19 months of LAM. Merry Christmas to me. lol Thank you for all of your advice!

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