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Thread: 8 month nurses mostly at night, only snacks during the day

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    Default 8 month nurses mostly at night, only snacks during the day

    My LO has had issues with breastfeeding while awake most of her life. She is now almost 9 months old and I no longer have to bounce on the ball to get her to nurse (how fun was that!) but now she still wakes every two hours to feed at night! She also feeds about every 2-3 hours during the day, depending on how long her nap was. She refuses to take a bottle and I am wondering...is there anything I can do to get her to NOT wake so much at night and eat more during the day?!? I haven't slept more then an hour or two since she was born and some nights she wakes every 45 minutes and just wants to comfort nurse.

    My partner, for the first time the other day, tried to sooth her during her second night waking and she cried for over an hour. She didn't wake up the rest of the night and boy did she have a good nursing session in the am, but didn't really seem to eat more during the day... My partner went back to work and hasn't been able to help at night, so she has slowly gone back to waking about every two hours.

    Am I depriving her of a much needed feeding by allowing my partner to take a shift, knowing that she most likely will not take the bottle and will end up crying herself into exhaustion? Will she just slowly start to eat more during the day if I slowly have my partner wake with her more and more often....or is this some horrible torture for her b/c she is so used to feeding at night (usually around 20 minutes per wake. During the day, she never even gets close to this, more usually about 3-10 mins on and off the breast). During the day, she's much more inclined to suck shallow, like she doesn't even want to eat. She'll usually act hungry, enjoy the let down and then she's done... She is a very engaged little girl, but I wonder if there is something in my milk that is aggravating her, making it uncomfortable to eat while fully awake....

    What to do! I am exhausted and horribly sleep deprived. I don't want to stop nursing before 1 year but...geez...whats a girl to do? Letting her cry for extending periods of time is obviously not ideal, but I just don't know what else to do to start taking care of myself and getting some much needed sleep! Please respond if you have any ideas, experience etc thanks!

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    Default Re: 8 month nurses mostly at night, only snacks during the d

    I don't know a way to change what your baby is doing as mine did this and still does to be honest!

    What I do do is maximise my sleep around this... I nap when DD naps, I go to bed when she does, we co-sleep to minimise night disruption and if we have a bad few nights DH takes her for an hour when she wakes if he isn't a work so I can have a 'lie in' or I take n hour after he is home and she's just fed.

    Not sure if this helps or not!

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