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Thread: In a Wedding: Nursing or Pumping Advice Needed

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    Default In a Wedding: Nursing or Pumping Advice Needed

    Thank you for your generous help. It is most appreciated.

    I'm going to be a bridesmaid in an out-of-town wedding soon and am anxious about how I'm going to nurse my baby during the wedding rehearsal and on the wedding day. This will be our biggest outing since my baby was born.

    The wedding rehearsal starts right around the time my baby is usually getting ready for bed. The following day pictures for the wedding day start in the very early afternoon. The wedding is in the late afternoon with a reception to follow, right around another nap and when my baby gets fussy and ready for bed. The wedding schedule still seems rather unclear overall.

    I try to nurse on cue. I nurse my baby to sleep for every nap and evening. Lately, my baby nurses frequently for the first few hours of our bedtime routine and has been taking, at times, shorter naps. I also nurse my baby immediately when it wakes up from sleeping from a nap or bedtime.

    My baby is a very distracted eater and eats better at home. I literally get plugged ducts or mastitis almost every time I wear a loose fitting bra or get out of the house with my baby! Thus, I have to feed my baby more frequently when out.

    I pumped when my baby was a newborn due to a medical emergency, but I haven't pumped since. Pumping was not a positive experience for me at all. In addition, the milk I pumped back then is no longer usable, because my baby is sensitive to some foods I was eating at that time.

    I really dislike pumping and would love to avoid it if possible, but I feel it might be a good idea to have a bottle or four with my husband for this wedding weekend--to keep my baby nourished and comforted if for some reason I'm not able to nurse as much or right on cue.
    If possible, I'd also like the bottles to be pumped closer to the time of the wedding, so I'll be able to better track what I've eaten and its effect on my baby.

    As a side note, I've also dealt with what I think is oversupply and a fast flow the whole time I've been nursing. The breast not being nursed leaks a lot every time I nurse.
    Right now, I'm finally feeling like my body and my baby's body are really syncing together. I absolutely loathe the thought of messing this synchronization up with pumping.

    When during the day should I pump these bottles, so as not to mess up my supply?

    What happens if I don't get a lot of milk out when pumping?

    When should my husband give my baby a bottle in relation to the next time I'm available to nurse my baby, especially since the wedding schedule is unclear?

    How should my husband administer paced feedings, so as not to hurt my baby's sensitive, easily gassy stomach?

    Do you have any ideas about how to schedule the feedings and naps considering I nurse my baby to sleep and feed my baby upon waking?

    How do I keep my baby fed and my breasts empty and not engorged, since I deal with lots of leaking anyway? (The dress buttons and zips in the back too, so I'm curious how I'll be getting the dress on and off to nurse and how to keep my breasts from leaking like crazy.)

    Thank you so much for helping me problem solve! Thoughts and ideas about any of the questions or dilemmas I've posed are most appreciated.

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    Default Re: In a Wedding: Nursing or Pumping Advice Needed

    I think I would smile sweetly at the bride and see if you can wear a dress/ get it altered so you can feed in it! Depending on the neckline you might be able to 'pop' over the top, and then use a shawl or something if you don't want to show too much.

    If the schedule is unclear that probably means it's flexible! You could keep baby near with a pretty sling (hire/borrow one - there are often fb groups that will help match a sling to a dress and loan you one).

    Feed right before the service and hand over to Daddy for the ceremony and then there is normally a gap between ceremony and photos which you can feed a quick top up. Once the photos are done you can probably feed during reception etc without anybody paying attention.

    I am assuming the bride is a friend/family and hopefully supportive of you and your baby's needs!

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    Default Re: In a Wedding: Nursing or Pumping Advice Needed

    Hopefully baby will nap in a sling for you too!

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    Default Re: In a Wedding: Nursing or Pumping Advice Needed

    I've gone to many weddings with my baby. I take the top part of the gown off so it hangs down my waist. Then I feed as normal. You can do this with almost any type of dress/gown. If you feed often you shouldn't have to pump.
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