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    I am new to this forum but am really hoping it can help! I have a 7month old and have been primarily nursing for all 7 months, except for pumping 2-3 times a day 2-3 days a week while I work from the office. I had issues with my son's latch in the beginning so I own a lactation scale which tells me exactly how much he's eating, and I weigh him before and after feeds once in a while to check how much he's eaten.

    Typically until about 6 months, he ate about 4oz every single feed about every 2.5-3 hours, with the occasional large feed of 5-7 oz once in a while. Then he started increasing to closer to 5oz most feeds in the last month or two. When I pump, I typically get between 4.2-5 oz every 2.5-3 hours.

    However, one day last week, I noticed he was getting very fussy only a few minutes into a feed and my breast seemed empty even though he kept trying to nurse and then getting mad. This has continued for the past two days and upon weighing, he is only getting 3oz but still wants more, and my breasts seem completely empty.

    I am at work pumping today and am getting only 2.5-3 oz, which is 1-1.5 oz less than normal. I have been pumping after feeds at night and downing tons of water and even some gatorade, and I ate oatmeal and almond milk for the past few days, and it seems like it is getting worse. Today I pumped for 1.5 hours straight (with breaks and then restarting) and only got 5 oz total.

    What could cause a sudden drop in supply like this if it's not water or stress? My sleeping habits have been the same and I'm not on any medications. I have not gotten my period back yet and took a pregnancy test and it's negative. I did eat some stuffing with Sage in it yesterday but I can't imagine it had that much of an impact? Any advice would be appreciated!! What can I do to fix this?

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    For pumping output, most moms seem to run into a pump slump sometime during the 2nd half of the first year and that is often time to check/rehab and possibly replace pump parts.

    Is baby sleeping longer at night?
    Is baby eating solids yet?

    Some moms experience a dip in supply around ovulation when fertility returns.

    Do you offer both breasts when he seems fussy nursing? My LO has always switched sides sometimes multiple times while nursing, this can be an effective supply increasing technique, also offering to nurse more often can help.

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    Can you slip in some more pump sessions? A lot of moms who must pump at work ultimately find that as their baby's first year goes on, they need more sessions than they did in the beginning, when milk supply is naturally higher.

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    I think it's hormonal. If that's the case, all the stimulation in the world won't help until it passes. I had this each month from about 5 mos. Once my cycles returned I saw that it happens when I ovulate. So for a few days each month my supply is pretty low. But it barely bothered my baby because he'd nurse a bit more in the evenings if I couldn't send along enough pumped milk to the babysitter. Later I'd send along some pureed baby food if I thought there wasn't enough milk that day. After about 5 days of low supply it would magically jump back up like no problem.
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