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Thread: Let down is vanishing, help!

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    Default Let down is vanishing, help!

    My 3 month old has been nursing on demand practically every hour and a half since birth. Suckles all night in bed with me. For the past week I have noticed let down has gone from 10x a day to 6x to 2x and today zero... Baby is not gulping just suckles for 30 to 40 mins & passes out. I tried pumping, only 1/2 oz came out... What's going on? Baby is fussing a lot last few days... Do I have plenty of milk even if there's no let down & no gulping?? I breastfed my last daughter for 3 yrs no problems, please help??
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    Has little one's diaper production decreased as well, or stayed the same?

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    Check diaper output and weight gain to make sure baby is getting enough.

    It is not uncommon for moms to be worried about their milk supply as their supply regulates down to what baby needs. Feeling a let down doesn't happen for everyone and it doesn't always stay noticeable for all moms or what it feels like can change as milk supply regulates to what baby needs.

    Does nursing feel good?
    Has baby always nursed for long periods of time? Are you offering both breasts at a nursing session if baby wants?
    Have you started any sort of hormonal birth control?

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