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Thread: Cutting down pumping session at 8 months too soon?

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    I actually got my friend in Philly to check and she says there's lots of plain yogurt, mainly Greek in the yogurt aisle. She even sent me photos of the stuff to prove it!

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    Default Re: Cutting down pumping session at 8 months too soon?

    We are having an influx of new moms at my office too. I am the only one using the space for a couple more weeks, and I dread having to share it. I hope we can have an open door policy too, because I am not the master of my own schedule. If my boss wants to be 45 mins late for a meeting, she will be, etc, and I don't want to be the one to tell her "I can't meet with you, because I will lose my pumping slot."

    I have raised the issue with HR preemptively, but they showed limited understanding. They think that if they provide a nice room, there is no reason for me or the other moms to be unhappy. We are moving to a new building soon and the lactation space is the so-called Wellness Room, which is available to all employees to book for whatever wellness reason. I cringed when I heard this, but HR think we are the most amazing and progressive company because we have this room...

    I am very protective of my supply and will breastfeed for a year at least, and I am going to be very stubborn on this one. I have already explained to them what's at stake: my baby's food, my physical comfort.

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    Default Re: Cutting down pumping session at 8 months too soon?

    About the yogurt: I only buy the 6-pack single-serving ones, because it's so convenient to just grab one in the morning and give it to daycare. So maybe that's why I missed the plain ones because I wasn't even looking at the big tub version, let alone the Greek stuff. Thanks for checking!

    Yana-Yana: Sorry to hear that your HR/boss is not very co-operative. I haven't run into major issues with mine yet. From time to time, I have to share the room, or intrude upon someone else so I can get to the fridge, which is inconvenient for everyone but what can we do?

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