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Thread: Weight Gain Decrease

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    It is not such a mystery why the numbers vary in the recommendations. It may be because the numbers vary tremendously in real life. At first, age matters. A week old baby takes less (about 10-20 ounces daily) than they will at 2 weeks, ( 15-25) and a month old baby takes more than they did at 2 weeks. (25-35) (according to Mohrbacher.) After that, intake generally stays around the same, but still varies tremendously from baby to baby.

    But there is more to it.

    From BAMS: "An Australian Study of 71 healthy, thriving, exclusively breastfed 1-6 month old babies found their daily milk intakes varied by baby almost threefold, from 15.5 to 43 ounces per day." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But she continues: "What this means in practical terms is that the amount of milk needed for a baby to begin gaining weight will vary. However, it is not necessary to know a baby's exact milk-intake needs, because if a baby's weight gain or loss is low enough to be a concern, he should be given as much extra milk as he will take whenever a supplement is given. With supplementing (as with breastfeeding) it is best to let the baby set the pace."

    (She is talking about supplements because this section is about how to handle a situation where a baby is gaining poorly or not gaining, and is thus being supplemented. The way I figure it, simply nursing more often when nursing frequency was on the low side to begin with would make sense and be simpler.)

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    Don't discount the milk they may get when they 'play' for a couple of minutes it can be significant and done a few times it starts to add up.

    If you are worried about weight gain I would ditch the pacifier when you are with the baby at least and allow comfort sucking and more feeds a night if they wish (sorry!)

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