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Thread: 6 week old doesn't nurse to sleep

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    Default 6 week old doesn't nurse to sleep

    Hi! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, but my newborn daughter is turning out to be quite different from my now 3 y/o son, who was obsessed with the boobs. Other than the fastest nursing sessions I could've imagined (3-4 minutes and she is DONE compared to son who lounged boobside for 1 hour+), she just doesn't seem interested in nursing. She is steadily gaining weight (86th percentile at last visit) so I'm not worried she's not getting enough milk. I assume she is just very efficient and no-nonsense about it.

    I, however, am missing how much easier certain things were with my son. For example, co-sleeping was a life saver due to being able to nurse in the side-lying position. Naps were easier too, just being able to nurse him to sleep then carry on with the day. It was like magic sleep dust. When she's drowsy and I nurse her in bed at night, she is done so quickly, and it almost seems to wake her up? Then begins the real work of getting her to sleep - rocking, bouncing etc. Nursing to sleep was like my lazy godsend.

    Has anyone experienced this (it seems so opposite to what you always hear) and did their little one grow out of it as they moved through early infancy? I'm debating whether to stop co-sleeping this time around and just switch to a crib!

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    Default Re: 6 week old doesn't nurse to sleep

    Six weeks is still really young so some things are likely to change so final decisions need not happen yet.

    I haven't experienced anything like that but, Is there anything that co-sleeping makes harder? Sure maybe she doesn't nurse to sleep but even without nursing, most babies will stay asleep better with close proximity or contact with a protective adult and when baby does wake you don't have to wake up as fully to nurse real quick in bed as opposed to getting out of bed to go to the other room and nurse baby and then be fully awake and have to try to get both you and baby back to sleep.

    At 6 weeks sleep patterns are still somewhat newborn in that it doesn't matter that much to baby what day or night is, they sleep when they are tired and so on.

    Will she fall to sleep on her own when just laying in a crib or bassinet? Will she fall to sleep lying next to you in bed? Does she fight sleep when she is tired? How does she behave then? Is it possible she just isn't ready to go to bed yet when you are trying to go to bed with her?

    Have you tried wearing her in a carrier or sling while you go about some evening activities? My LO if he wasn't ready to go to sleep, I would put him in the sling and that usually worked.

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    Default Re: 6 week old doesn't nurse to sleep

    My little one nurses to sleep now (8.5 months), and did when she was a newborn too, but there have been more than one stretches of time inbetween then and now that she would sometimes not nurse to sleep, preferring instead to roll around and climb about etc, or before that was within her wheelhouse, wanting to be walked around in the carrier or on the shoulder, etc. So, obviously this is anecdotal! But I offer it because I think there is still a good chance your babe's patterns might change, and you might have access to that magic sleep dust again!

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