As to comfort sucking or pacifiers. Sometimes you may need to unlatch for one reason or another but if you can, it is generally best to let baby nurse as long as baby wants even if it is just comfort nursing. Remember that the paci is a substitute and you are the real thing.

Here is an example of what I would do with my son when he was younger. I would nurse for as long as he seemed to be actively nursing on a side, when he switched to comfort nursing I would switch sides and nurse as long as he was actively nursing on that side and I might switch back a forth a few times to keep him going. I did the switching because of weight gain/supply issues.

If supply and weight gain are not issues then feeding just one breast is usually fine, offer the other after baby has finished the first one but no worries if baby doesn't want to take it.

But what about comfort sucking. Well with my LO now that he is older, if he is in the mood to stay latched on and comfort suck, I generally let him as long as it is comfortable to me. Sometimes when he falls to sleep he slips to an uncomfortable latch and I will unlatch him. If he roots and wants to latch back on I let him or maybe switch sides, if he is asleep and doesn't want to latch back on then fine.

If breastfeeding is at all questionable, I would try to limit or avoid pacifier use. There may be some situations where it is ok but be careful that pacifiers don't limit or get in the way of time at the breast.