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Thread: Cereal vs. LC

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    I think if you are ok with the set up don't change it, and if you aren't pick the one you want to be doing least and try and phase it out and see what happens, you can put it back in that way.

    We gradually reduced off pumping then domperidone (tho I take fenugreek as I wasn't confident enough to lose the domperidone fully) and my supply held.

    One day I will start to reduce the fenugreek but for now am happy just to stay as I am!

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    Thank you for the advice! Unfortunately today my output has dropped back to less than it was before! I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. There was one day where I didn't pump before I went to bed, but only because she had woken up and wanted to eat so I figured it was ok to skip the pump. I am just going to plan on doing everything for the rest of my pumping career. Hopefully this decrease doesn't last for long,and is just AF or something!

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