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Thread: Sudden bad latch and growth spurt

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    Default Sudden bad latch and growth spurt

    My LO is 14 weeks and this week he seems like he entered into a growth spurt- he was nursing once in the middle of the night around 3am and now he is up 2-3 times and is quickly fussy at the breast. I can deal with the frequent waking up, but on top of that it seems like his latch is suddenly much shallower.. I latch him well, but it seems like he doesn't want a deep latch and he let's go a bit. As if that wasn't enough we have also had thrush for 2 months now, so my nipples are already slightly sore.
    Would somebody tell me this is just a phase and he will get past it? I'm afraid he has two bad habits - frequent night nursing and shallow latch and that it won't get better. Has anything like this happened to anyone else during a growth spurt?

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    hi lorielou, so sorry you have been having these issues!

    Thrush for two months! Ugh. is it clearing and then reoccurring, or just never going away? How are you and baby being treated for the thrush?
    Something that is often overlooked with thrush is it sometimes causes discomfort for baby as well- possibly leading to a poor latch.
    Other things that can commonly cause a poor latch after it has been fine for some time is positioning- sometimes positioning needs to be changed up some as baby grows.

    I would suggest baby waking in the night is not a bad habit. This is an entirely normal sleep pattern for a baby this age, yes even if baby slept longer stretches before. And nursing a baby when they wake is just good sense, as it typically soothes baby the quickest and easiest.
    Shallow latch is not typically a bad habit either. Most babies wish to latch as well as they can as it makes nursing easier. But sometimes things interfere with baby getting a good, comfortable latch.

    I like this article for many general latch and positioning ideas: http://feedthebabyllc.com/latch-and-positioning/

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    Default Re: Sudden bad latch and growth spurt

    Caveat here is that I'm a FTM, and my DS is only 7 weeks. However, this sounds a lot like what we went through when we had thrush -- I think it hurt his mouth too much for him to want to latch well. You may have already tried all these, but just in case it's the persistent thrush, and not a growth spurt, here's what we did:

    - Baby & I were treated at the same time. He was on a nystatin oral suspension & the doctor put me on fluconazole (initially the ped said I could just rub nystatin on my nipples - this did NOT work and was a sticky mess). Since the nystatin is supposed to be in contact with the thrush for 30+ seconds (rather than being taken orally), I would measure out his dose, then saturate an infant cotton swab (with the giant bulbs) and dab the thrush spots then place it in his mouth where the thrush was and just leave it in place for several seconds. I'd then re-saturate the Q-Tip and repeat until he was through the dose. If i tried using a syringe he just spit it out or swallowed it.

    - I'd rub a little milk on my nipples / massage them at the start of a feed so that the nipple was really soft before I offered it. DS would start to latch, release, maybe try to relatch, maybe cry a little, etc. Once he latched it just took a lot of patience (and frequent feedings, since sometimes it hurt too much for him to eat more than a minute or two).

    - We boiled everything to sterilize it every few days, and anything that came in contact with his mouth, my nipples, or spit-up was washed on hot water with an extra rinse. Also if you're having nipple pain maybe be careful with the nipple cream - I ditched mine after his thrush went away since I'd been touching my nipples and the pot of cream without washing my hands in between (obviously).

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