Just a thought (and I'm not half as knowledgeable as the other lovely ladies here!) but do you eat meals with your LO or does he "eat" on his own? I'm a huge believer in family mealtimes as both a social thing and a way to get toddlers / babies to eat more food. Maybe you could try just giving your LO some of your food on his plate while you're having your meals so that he gets the idea about eating?

And FWIW, my LO didn't really eat any huge quantities of food until she was 15-16 months old (variety - yes, quantity - no!) but she surprises me everyday with the amount of food she can put away as a two year old! And also if you check out the KellyMom guidelines, they recommend a diet of 75% breastmilk at 12 months, 50/50 at 18 months and 25% breastmilk vs 75% solids at two, so you have time!