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Thread: Oversupply and very unhappy baby

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    Unhappy Oversupply and very unhappy baby

    I'm pretty sure I have an over supply and an overactive letdown based on everything I have read. My baby girl will be 4 weeks tomorrow. When she isn't eating or sleeping she's screaming. She is constantly spitting up and hiccuping. We saw a lactation specialist, who is also a pediatrician, at 2 weeks. At that time my baby girl already gained 1.5 pounds. The specialist said she's over eating which is contributing further to her fussiness and my oversupply. She recommended block feeding and ONLY feeding her every 2 hours on one breast. I've tried that but my breasts are never emptying. I'm always engorged and uncomfortable and my baby just seems so unhappy and miserable. I don't think she's getting the hind milk. My supply isn't decreasing. I have to pump at least twice a day and have already had a plugged duct while trying to reduce my supply. Any advice?? Is it too early to try to reduce my supply?? Will my supply naturally adjust?? I absolutely hate pumping and I was hoping I could completely avoid it all together but it seems impossible. For a couple of days I was pumping an oz before every feeding so she could get the hind milk but then I have a screaming baby so I just stopped doing that. I think it could have been helping but probably increasing my supply. I'm at a loss.

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    I had over supply with my baby boy when he was that age. I found several things that helped. First for the spit up, I found putting him upright after feeding helped although I don't know that he spit up as much as your little one does. I did do the block feeding for a bit, where I only used one breast per feeding and switched off to the other breast at the next feeding. The other thing I found that made feeding easier was the laid back breast feeding position, then he didn't get hit with the milk fountain. I also leaked milk so the breast pads helped. I've heard of cold cabbage leaves but I haven't tried it myself. Also the consensus seems to be that for milk vs hind milk isn't really an issue. If you don't need to pump for work or being away / unable to feed the baby, pumping isn't really helping because pumping builds up more of a supply. The good news is it does get better. I'm not sure exactly when it got better for me, but I don't remember having the oversupply by five months postpartum or so. The other thing is the fussiness does get better over time as well. I always think of the little babies as being the fussiest. You could try wearing her in a baby carrier.

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    hi. One thing I think will help is to think of these as two separate but related issues. What helps for fast letdown can help you and baby feel more comfortable right away, while you wait for your milk production to calm down or try block nursing to reduce milk production if you decide that is warranted in your situation.

    for forceful letdown, nurse as often as baby will, one side at a time, and nurse in a leaning back position with baby on top. Of course, if you start block nursing, baby will nurse on one side through more than one feeding but still nurse as often as baby will- this means, OFFER frequently, do not wait until baby cues. I agree with pp, holding upright after feeding ( or basically most of the time) can help.
    Don't worry about spit up. Spitting up is your babies natural way for getting rid of excess milk.
    Don't worry about foremilk hindmilk
    try not to pump unless you need to because you are getting overfull, and then pump only enough for comfort. If you are blocking one side and getting so full you are in danger of getting engorged, it is important to nurse, hand express or pump JUST ENOUGH to relieve that pressure, even while 'blocking' that side.
    read the following about how to block nurse, especially the parts about how to do so safely and when it is not indicated.

    coping with fast milk flow: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/

    block nursing: http://www.nancymohrbacher.com/blog/tag/block-feeding

    Please let us know how it goes, there are other things to consider trying if these ideas do not help.

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    If your letdown is really spraying out, unlatch baby and let the spray into a towel till it calms down a little before re latching baby. This can often help with the fussyness and sometimes even the excess spit-up.
    Leaking is your bodies way of helping relieve being over full without stimulating additional production. Hand expressing for comfort will stimulate less than pumping will.
    Nursing more often rather than less helps more with OALD and as long as you are not going to lengths to empty the breasts or stimulate them or pump any more than absolutely necessary then frequency shouldn't cause issues with increasing supply either.

    Gaining 1.5 lb in 2 weeks is fast but not so fast that I would worry about it or restrict or schedule feedings.

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