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Thread: No longer latches on one breast

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    Default No longer latches on one breast

    My baby is 1 week old. We have had no problems breastfeeding until last night. He suddenly developed an aversion to my left breast. He shakes his head back and forth with an open mouth and refuses to close his mouth on my nipple. I finally had to pump that breast because it is full and leaking and I did not want it to dry up from not being fed on.

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    Hey, am glad it has been ok so far

    Had he just fed from the other side? He may have been full... At one week mums often have a lot of milk. Sobyou can just offer the alternate side first next feed. it's a regular thing you can keep offering without pressure. What can also work is 'tricking' the baby via varying the position, so if you normally feed on a cradle hold, try a football hold on that side etc. Laid back nursing can be great too!

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