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Thread: issues in transtioning from exclusive pumping to EBF

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    Default issues in transtioning from exclusive pumping to EBF

    HI all,

    Little background about me:

    I am FTM, my son was born 16 August at 34 weeks gestational age because of severe IUGR birth weight 1.67 kg so was whisked away to NICU. So I was not able to hold or feed him for 4 days. Thankfully he had no complications and was breathing and swallowing on his own by then. My milk came from 3rd day onward and I would hand express it and spoon feed it to him ( 8 times in 24 hours). Doctor's advised me to not try and nurse him often as it would burn energy and slow down weight gain, so he never got hang of latching and sucking.

    After in depth googling, an lc who after evaluating suggested finger feeding my expressed bm, also lots of skin to skin and biological nursing. This eventually worked and we were able to transition to EBF by time he was 10 weeks ( 4 weeks corrected age)

    when I was hand expressing milk there was an oversupply, leading to painful engorgement and let down. Also in my transitioning I would have painful heavy breast making it difficult for baby to latch, so I used toexpress some and make aerola more pliable.

    But off late 2 weeks of EBF, my breast seem to have no fullness in them and seem to be soft and cushiony. I feed baby based on visual cues and he seems to be satisfied asides from bit of reflux and throw ups. Though each nursing session is long 20-30 mins on each side and ever 3-4 hour. Am I loosing my supply, as I have stopped expressing ??

    I think baby weight gain seems to have slowed down based on my bathroom scale. My LC says baby may have lip or tongue tie which is causing under stimulation and lower milk transfer. But my nipples seem to be fine and not under usual stress of bad latch.

    Any advice ? Should I start expressing ? If so when and how much ? Should I get baby checked for tie ?

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    Default Re: issues in transtioning from exclusive pumping to EBF

    Hey there! It sounds like you have done really well to get this far!

    When a baby is first born a Mum tends to have a slight oversupply which leads to feeling full etc, as your body gets used to the amount of milk your baby needs it adjusts and makes just the right amount. This usually happens around the 12 week mark. Mums often mention noticing their breasts feel soft at this point, but it isn't a problem!

    If soft breasts is your only concern, it's completely normal and you are doing fine

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    Default Re: issues in transtioning from exclusive pumping to EBF

    Also bathroom scales are really inaccurate for the amounts a baby gains... If you are worried about gain, take him to be weighed at a clinic/paed office. It is probably worth the trip to put your mind at rest

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    Default Re: issues in transtioning from exclusive pumping to EBF

    20-30 minutes may be on the long side for nursing sessions so if you have concerns that baby might not be transferring milk effectively, it may be worth getting an appointment with the LC to do some weigh feed weigh measurements to see how much milk baby is able to transfer. Tongue and lip ties can make it difficult for a baby to nurse efficiently. Though problem ties often do cause mom pain, they sometimes go undiagnosed in the early days due to oversupply or baby having a very weak suck and not being forceful enough to hurt mom (that was my case.)

    If your current LC can't help you there then you might look for another LC http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3901

    If baby is not gaining well you might also look into feeding more frequently. Feeding only every 3-4 hours is actually very infrequent for a baby so young. Feeding 10-12 times a 24 hour period or MORE would be more age appropriate. And some babies continue with frequent nursing even as they get older. Mine at 7 months nurses more like every 1-2 hours during the day and at least several times overnight (hard to tell since we co sleep and I don't always wake up much when nursing at night.)

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