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    My exclusively breastfed four-month-old has begun having green watery, non-smelly bowel movements immediately after every feeding and sometimes in between. I know right when it happens because he is normally very vocal when he poops, grunting and whatnot. I can hear it squirting out. This happened suddenly and has been going on for almost a week. His poop is normally a yellowish brown and usually happens once per day, twice tops. He is not dehydrated. I have not been eating anything out of the normal, however, about a week ago I noticed a hard, painful lump in my left breast and upon examining my nipple, I realized I was experiencing a plugged duct. I poked the white spot with a sterilized needle and milk came out. I fed my baby and he drained it. The spot is still there but I haven't experienced any backed up milk or pain since the one time, except for slight pain in the nipple where the spot was. He is not fussy, has no fever and is behaving like his normal, happy self. He has been wanting to chew on his hands a lot and has been drooling so I wonder if he may have gotten a little stomach bug or something. He does seem to fuss at the breast a bit about ten minutes into a feeding so I'm concerned that I'm not making enough milk to satisfy him or maybe there's a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. It seems like he gets frustrated after a while and starts to fuss. No milk is squirting out which makes me think there's not enough milk as opposed to too much. I'm a little worried since it's out of the ordinary but I really don't want to take him to the doctor and expose him to sick kids since he is otherwise doing great right now, but I will if it continues for much longer. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I would suspect a virus. Sometimes excessive drool itself (caused by teething, usually) causes funky looking poops too.I would not suspect it has anything to do with your plug. Keep an eye on that though, for your own health.

    Here is what I would not worry about

    1) you don't make enough milk. 4 months is atypical point of frustration and odd nursing behavior so the fussiness during feeding is not an indicator of low production
    3) Foremilk/hindmilk 'imbalance.' This is a more myth than anything else. The only time a baby might get a bit more 'foremilk' than they can easily 'handle' digestion-wise, is when a mother makes too MUCH milk and/or there is forceful letdown. There are usually many other things going on to indicate that issue. If that IS the problem, the simplest, easiest fix is to encourage baby to nurse more often.

    When a baby has diarrhea, the usual protocol is to "manage symptoms." and wait it out. This means, prevent dehydration, which nursing usually accomplishes quite brilliantly.

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    I'm putting my money on teething. Baby is chomping on his hands and drooling and he's 4 months old- my guess is you'll see some teeth pop through in the next 1-3 months.

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    Thank you both so much. I'm hoping it's the teething. If this is the new normal, I'm okay with it. His behavior leads me to believe that I'm worrying over nothing but, still, I worry. I can't help it - it's what moms do!

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