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Thread: 10mo Nursing strike ! Pls help.

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    Default Re: 10mo Nursing strike ! Pls help.

    I don't have much experience exclusively pumping. However, I'll say that my LO is just getting over a strike (I hope!) and I had to pump and self express most of the milk during the strike (~1.5 weeks). My supply did decrease by a lot just during that time. Even though I either self expressed or pumped after each "nursing" session. (He was nursing a little, but only 30 secs to 1 minute long and sometimes he flat out refused.) I thought of having a middle of the night self expression session and then just put the results with a freezer pack in my room. The least wake up time for me. I ended up not doing this. It might be necessary to keep the supply up... I heard from somewhere not to go longer than 5 hours between pumping sessions if exclusively pumping.

    For my little guy, I had to offer toys to get him to nurse. So, instead of asking "Do you want mommy milk", I would ask "would you like to play with this while getting mommy milk?" Seemed to work better. I would also get the breast ready, then when he was happily playing, try to slip it in :-) (He's 29 months.) For your guy, have you tried a dream feed yet? I know that works for some people - to get LO to nurse again.

    Also, let me say: I'm so sorry :-( I hope you get your LO back on!

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    Default Re: 10mo Nursing strike ! Pls help.

    Thanks for replying @anaduralia, and for your wishes. I have already tried dream feed, he wakes up and doesnt want to come near the breast. I've also tried going into and out of sleep - doesnt work either. Also tried during playtime with no luck, bath time - no luck. I'm extremely sad at this point, and miss nursing him like anything. Ive lost the confidence in even offering to nurse him now - it almost feels like a dream to me, that I wish comes true. Im struggling with milk supply too now. Really need prayers of all you wonderful Moms out there.


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