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Thread: Nursing Strike?

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    My 14month old has suddenly stopped nursing since Saturday afternoon. I mean she won't even attempt to nurse. Not a drop. It's even more confusing because she still nursed quite often. It really hadn't slowed much at all. She still even woke up at night to nurse 2-4 times usually. She is cutting 4 teeth and 1 is extra swollen. I took her to the dr and she said her throat is red and it's just that and teething.
    I just don't know though. She is extremely fussy. I am mentally and physically exhausted from the amount of screaming these past 4 days. She still wakes up at night like she would to nurse but instead of nursing she screams. Dr has me giving her Tylenol and Ibuprofen and it doesn't always seem to help. I feel helpless. She use to nurse to soothe and now that she stopped. There is no soothing her. Has anyone experienced this before? I have 2 older children and never has this happened. All of my children were awesome at nursing. Sorry this is so long. But if you have any insight please share.
    I am at my wits end. She woke up every hour last night screaming and took 15-45 min to get her to stop and back to sleep. It's really that bad. I just wish she would latch on. Nursing has always been the cure all for my babies. She needs it and I need it!

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    It sounds like a nursing strike, her throat might be making it sore for her to eat, or her teeth!

    Keep offering but don't force it on her and ch eck out Kellymom on strikes :

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    Can you give her frozen bm in little cubes, semi-defrosted? Is your baby eating everything else normally?
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