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Thread: To get or not to get (a new pump)

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*sb View Post
    Can you share your experience with Hygeia? You said it took a while to get used to it? I'm not responding to it at all so am wondering if I need to switch back to Medela. Thank you!
    I have both a Medela (from baby #1) and a Hygeia (insurance covered baby #2). I prefer the Medela, but the Hygeia works okay. Since the Medela has a better tote bag I keep it at home and use it when I have to travel to alternative locations for work, which can be very often.
    Anyway, to the question, I find I need to have my Hygeia on a very high speed in order to respond. Unlike the Medela, there is no let down feature, so I put it on the highest speed and a lower suction to get started, but even then my let down takes longer and is less noticeable/forceful than with the Medela or with my baby. After milk starts flowing I can only turn the speed down slightly and increase the suction in order to keep the milk flowing. The speed I got used to with the Medela simply doesn't work. In summary, try it on high speed and adjust the suction from there and see what happens.
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    I had trouble getting the right flange size for a couple weeks. My supply tanked. But I was using the same size (27mm) with my Medela pump so was confused. But someone on here mentioned that the horns for Medela are longer and that makes a difference. I switched to those and have gotten a higher output overall than I have with my other pumps (although I guess that's hard to say for sure -- maybe I just have a better supply these days). Plus, the suction knobs do take a while to get used to, and I did get milk in the tubes once and was convinced it would happen every time. But it never happened again.
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    I have two Medela Freestyles. I got one with my second baby and another with my third baby from insurance. It is SO nice to be able to leave one at work. I will note that the one I have at home is the older one and it is definitely not as good anymore as the one at work. It isn't too bad since I don't pump at home much, but I recently took it on a trip with me and it was NOT the same as the newer one. That being said... get the new pump!

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