*nods* yeah. We got a pretty good system down. I'll take what the LC said into consideration though. not tossing it all to the wind, but i think I'l stick with our previous plan as that has obviously worked. But the whole her being fussy ( and looking like she's going to tear my nipple off when she fusses and pulls. ouch) is new to me. switching seems to help with that until she's satisfied and either falls a sleep or detaches herself. ( which is new...Like I said before, I've never had to unlatch her before. since today I had to start doing that).

I do do compressions through out our sessions. I was never told to stop doing them, and it feels alien to only do them sometimes , so I just keep at it. But I did read the sticky about hind milk and fore milk .

I think I've already mentioned it, but lo seems to be having a sleepy day. She was awake for a few hours, but in those hours she just wanted to nurse. So I let her. She finally drifted off to sleep