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Thread: Fighting the bottle

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    Unhappy Fighting the bottle

    My daughter is 2-1/2 months and started going to a babysitter at 7 weeks. So, now she's been at the babysitter for just over 3 weeks. I've been pumping and at first my daughter fought the bottle, but now she'll drink her bottles, but not without putting up a fight...most every time. The babysitter says she seems uncomfortable as if she has gas, which is why she squirms and pushes the bottle away.

    On this same note, the babysitter also says that my daughter cries a lot, all of the sudden, after being happy and content moments before.

    At first I wondered if it was my breast milk and that my daughter is really gassy. But, she doesn't act this way at home. I still nurse her at home, but she does fuss a little with my husband when he feeds her a bottle. But, eventually she settles down and eats it all.

    I guess my question is whether I should be worried that she is in pain (with gas) but then she ends up eating. The other thought I have is she is confused and really would prefer to be bf and so she is tempermental and puts up a fight every time with the bottle. The biggest concern is the babysitter tells me everyday that my daughter seems like she's in pain. I've just never really experienced this.

    Anyone have thoughts on the issue of nursing and bottle feeding?

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    It could be that she has gas--she might be swallowing a lot more air with the bottle than with nursing on the breast. Fighting the bottle is pretty common--but at least she takes it (my daughter still won't). I would make sure that the sitter is burping her often during and after the feeding. Also might want to give her gas drops with the bottle.

    good luck!

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    Poor darling Maybe have the sitter swaddle her tightly, and feed her in a dark room, is she the only child for this sitter or are there others. Also you may want to make sure that the sitter is not waiting too long to feed her. Maybe if she can get to her before she is really wound up she will take the bottle better?

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