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Thread: Very rapid weight loss while nursing

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    Default Very rapid weight loss while nursing

    Hello everyone,

    I have a beautiful 10 month old boy who both nurses and eats solid foods. He still nurses A LOT, so I imagine that he is still getting most of his nutrition from breastmilk - which I am fine with! I am concerned, though, because in the past couple of months I have started loosing weight extremely rapidly. I gained a healthy but not enormous amount of weight during my pregnancy (25 pounds), most of which came off within a couple of weeks of giving birth, putting kme very quickly at my pre-pregnancy weight. I then gained a small amount, but starting when my baby was about 7 or 8 months old, I started simply shedding weight. I don't fit into any of my clothes, even the pre-pregnancy ones! I do eat a whole lot - three large meals a day, plus two or three snacks during the day. Could this be nursing-related? Do any of you have any suggestions for ways to up my caloric intake so that I start putting weight back on? I certainly don't want to wean my boy - we have a great nursing relationship that is working wonderfully for us both, aside from this weight loss issue.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Very rapid weight loss while nursing

    My advice would be to see a doctor, because unintentional rapid weight loss is an indication of a any number of possible health issues. And not to take "wean' for an answer without tests proving that nursing is the problem and that weaning is needed. Nursing a child for many months and even years after birth is part of the biologically normal reproductive process, and thus, is not a pathology that is likely to be the cause of unhealthy weight loss or any other health problems. Might it be a contributing factor? Perhaps. Many moms do need to eat more- take in more calories than usual, while nursing....this is well known. But how much more depends on the mom, and it is not all that much.

    Many mothers lose weight rapidly in the first few months of breastfeeding- this usually means, a mother is shedding her baby weight, and some moms do even go below pre-pregnancy weight. And it usually depends on how much mom gained in pregnancy as well as what she weighed pre-pregnancy. this rapid loss rarely takes mom to an unhealthily low weight.

    But this rapid loss is usually only for the first few months after baby is born..

    Rapid loss that started when baby was 7 months old does NOT sound nursing related to me.

    If you have some underlying health issue, it can probably be addressed while you continue to nurse your child. Most health issue can be, even if they require medication. If you are told to wean as the 'cure', and you go through that painful process, and continue to lose weight, then what? You will be that much longer into whatever is going on without treatment, and you will have weaned your child for nothing.

    I do eat a whole lot - three large meals a day, plus two or three snacks during the day
    The easy answer would be to add more snacks. But eating 5 or 6 times a day does sound normal to me...what do you eat? Is it possible something is missing from your diet, some nutrient? Are you restricted in your eating in any way due to allergies or sensitivities or lifestyle choice? How much are you exercising?
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    Default Re: Very rapid weight loss while nursing

    In particular, I would make sure that someone does a test for thyroid function. Thyroid problems are common in the postpartum year, often overlooked, and can cause issues with weight gain or loss (depending on whether the thyroid is overactive or underactive).

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    Default Re: Very rapid weight loss while nursing

    I was also going to mention thyroid issues -- but Mommal beat me to it. My thyroid is only now settling down at 1 year ppd. From what I understand, it's not all that uncommon and pretty easy to treat, but hyperthyroidosis (or something like that) is definitely something to talk to your doctor about because when untreated it's bad for your heart, etc.

    FWIW, the tests are very simple, pretty inexprensive blood tests.

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