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Thread: start pumping fewer x's at work?

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    Default start pumping fewer x's at work?

    DS is 8 1/2 months old and his diet is still primarily breastmilk; he gets solids 2x per day. An important note is that I pump at work 2x per day, and LO is regularly consuming what I pump from the day before, plus another bottle that I've pumped at home.

    Should I consider pumping 1 time at work instead of 2? I don't know how to go about starting that change for weaning. We have no medical need to start weaning, and in fact I love nursing and am very attached to breastfeeding. Maybe I don't need to change anything for now?
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    Default Re: start pumping fewer x's at work?

    It sounds like you answered yourself in a way!
    I think you should just keep on doing what you're doing. I felt the same way when I was at that point. I thought I was going to wean at 1 year, came on the LLL site to start researching, and decided I didn't want to wean after all! Keep in mind that your LO's BM consumption will probably go down as he eats more solids, so you probably won't have to continue pumping as much as you do now at some point. (I hardly pump at all anymore b/c my DD doesn't take a bottle and won't drink much EBM from a sippy.)


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    Default Re: start pumping fewer x's at work?

    I'd say that as long as your LO is consuming what you're pumping, and you're not ready to wean, then keep pumping. I think it would be different if you were storing more than what your LO was using on a day-to-day basis.

    Congratulations so far with your bf!


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