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Thread: Lots of foremilk

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    I pumped earlier and noticed that I get tons and tons of fairly clear foremilk before I get the creamy hind milk. I fear my son may be filling up on the less fattier milk before getting the good stuff. Is there a way to create fattier fore milk? He is 7 weeks and will wake up and want to eat every two hours. I think he light sleep longer if he got fattier milk.

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    Foremilk and Hindmilk are a myth! Milk gets progressively fattier as a baby feeds. There should be a sticky at the top of the forum that explains this well

    Feeding every 2 hours is normal I'm afraid. And your milk is perfectly fine and normal!

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    with pp...Aside from how your pumped milk looks, is there any other reason to be in any way concerned about your milk? Very fast weight gain? Severe colic? Gigantic painful spitups and painful burps? Explosive & frequent green poops? Are you getting engorged between feedings? Does baby cry, pull off, and/or refuse to nurse because the milk flow is so fast or strong? These are indication mom makes too much milk POSSIBLY or has forceful letdown POSSIBLY and there are many things to do for that issue. This is the scenario when 'too much foremilk' is a possibility. And even then there is nothing in any way unhealthy in the milk!

    All milk is good and contains what a baby needs.

    What is believed happens during a nursing session is that the early milk is slightly less fatty and has more carbs. GRADUALLY throughout the feeding, the milk SUBTLY and SLOWLY transitions to higher fat milk. Nature designed things to work this way for a reason.

    In most cases, most of the time, by far the best way to ensure a baby gets what they need is to simply nurse baby as often as baby wishes, and let baby stay on one side until they indicate they are done, and then offer the other side.

    Or am I misunderstanding and you are concerned that somehow your pumped milk is not ok for baby? Any particular reason you are pumping anyway?

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    Excellent advice from the PPs.

    One of the most pervasive myths out there is that there are two types of milk: foremilk, which is bad and doesn't have enough fat, and hindmilk, which is creamy and good. The truth is that there is no such thing as either foremilk or hindmilk. Those are convenient terms for describing the end members of the milk composition spectrum, but there's no abrupt switchover from foremilk to hindmilk. When your breasts are full, because you haven't nursed or pumped in a while, the milk that comes out will be relatively watery, lower in fat and higher in carbohydrates, and we call this foremilk. As the feeding progresses and the breast empties, the percentage of fat will gradually increase. But foremilk isn't skim milk- even the most watery foremilk contains all the nutrients a baby needs to grow and develop. In fact, a baby will grow just fine on the so-called foremilk alone, provided she gets enough of it. What matters, when it comes to growth, is milk quantity, not milk quality.

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    I think some people may also get the impression that the fattier milk helps babies sleep because in the evening when babies often cluster feed lots mom's often also feel a bit empty so what milk is coming out then may be on the fattier side, but that is because baby has been constantly eating for hours in prep for sleep.

    But anyway, nursing every two hours is normal. If you want a longer stretch of sleep at night, try seeing if baby will nurse even more often by day. If you are pumping because you are already back at work, then nursing more at night is natural and you might want to get the sweet sleep book to help you get more sleep while nursing baby safely in bed with you.

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