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Thread: IUD & milk supply

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    Default IUD & milk supply

    I was wondering if anybody knows whether the mirena iud could affect milk supply?
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    Good question. I wonder that, too.

    My understanding it's like the mini-pill but even less hormones. It doesn't have estrogen so it's not "supposed" to mess with supply. But antecdotaly, I've heard women say that any hormonal bc can hurt supply.

    Anyone have experience w/ Mirena?
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    Default Re: IUD & milk supply

    According to Hale's 2006 Medications and Mother's Milk:

    Lovonorgestrel (the active progestin in the Mirena IUD) is an L2 (out of L1-L5) which is considered "safer". To quote Hale "From several studies, levonorgestrel appears to prodce limited if any effect on milk volume or quality. The data from the levonorgestrel-only IUDs suggests minimal to no effect on BF." Hale states that it is the estrogen in the BC that causes supply issues sometimes.


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