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Thread: 3 mo very gassy at night

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    Default 3 mo very gassy at night

    My baby just turned 3mo and has had since 1 mo a lot of gas, I have OS and oald but I have been able to control it, except now my baby sleeps worse than before. He seems very gassy at night and has "colics" from midnight till 5am, he is asleep most of the time and nursing him more often is not helping either. I burp him thoroughly so there are less chances of gas.
    I already eliminated milk and eat a very healthy homemade diet,
    I feel desperate.since I don't get enough sleep.and I was hoping that by 3mo his issues would ameliorate not worsen.
    I don't know what else to do, thanks

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    Default Re: 3 mo very gassy at night

    Colic from 12-5, but baby is asleep? I am trying to imagine what is going on and I am not sure what this means. Colic usually means sustained crying.

    How is poop frequency, and what do they look like?

    Do you mean lower intestinal gas, or upper? (Burbs or toots?) Does baby burping or tooting help with the pain or does it continue? Have you considered if reflux is going on?

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    Default Re: 3 mo very gassy at night

    Are there ever nights when it isn't happening so much? You might want to keep a food diary since gassy isn't necessarily related to an "allergy" in mom's diet but still possibly to something you eat.
    I know of moms who say their babies have issues when they eat tomato or broccoli or something else.

    How is the gas during the day?

    How does nursing feel? Does baby have issues with maintaining suction or swallowing or choking while nursing? Sometimes babies with tongue or lip ties get a lot of air while nursing but if mom has oversupply and OALD the tongue or lip ties might not be diagnosed early because baby may be getting plenty of milk and not hurting mom while getting it.

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