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Thread: 3 month old night nursing

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    Default 3 month old night nursing

    I nurse my 3mo(15 weeks) on demand all day. I am ebf and rarely use bm bottles unless leaving her with my parents. She eats every two hours for about 5 minutes at a time. My question is.. Is there anyway to get her to sleep longer hours at night? She goes to sleep around 830-9 and wakes up every three hours to eat. Again, she's very quick to eat and goes right back to sleep but once I'm up, its difficult to go back to sleep knowing she'll be back up in a few hours.

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    This is normal sleep cycle for a three month old.
    If you are not bedsharing, is that something you would feel comfortable considering? Make sure you know the issues of safety. See: http://www.llli.org/sweetsleepbook/thesafesleepseven and http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...quickstart.pdf and http://www.llli.org/sweetsleepbook/tearsheets and the book Sweet Sleep for more info.

    Other ideas for getting more sleep: Nap when baby naps. If you have someone else there at night, ask them to take baby once or twice overnight to see if baby will settle without nursing. Even if baby will not, them being comforted for a bit by someone else may get you a slightly longer sleep stretch.

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    As of right now, she's in a cosleeper right next to our bed. I usually pull her into bed when she wakes at 4-5am and doesn't want to go back in her cosleeper. She'll sleep in my bed with me till about 8:30am so that's nice. I dont mind feeding her that often if that's normal for a three month old. When she was younger she would sleep for a 5 hour stretch at night.
    When do they usually go a little longer?

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    Default Re: 3 month old night nursing

    One website that I and others have found helpful in understanding normal infant sleep behaviors is the blog Evolutionary Parenting. This particular set of articles was written with a few coauthors, and was dually published in psychologytoday. Here is a link to the first article, and I'm pretty sure links to the next are at the bottom:


    In terms of 'when do babies...' and particularly in re sleep, I think there might just be way too much variation in between kiddos and circumstances to say. For what it's worth (and I think comparisons in this arena are unfortunately not worth much!), my baby started having one 4-5 hour stretch somewhere around 3-4 months. This has not stayed constant, with there being a RARE allthewaythrough, and much more frequent upmorefrequently's. What has worked for me was just trying to roll with it... Best of luck, mama!

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    Default Re: 3 month old night nursing

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*erin.in.middletown View Post
    In terms of 'when do babies...' and particularly in re sleep, I think there might just be way too much variation in between kiddos and circumstances to say.

    If you google, you'll find a ton of advice about when your child "should" or "will" start sleeping through the night- when he's doubled his birthweight, when solids are introduced, when he's 12 weeks old, etc. It's all complete garbage! One reason that I think it's bunk is that it fails to mention that sleep isn't a straight progression from frequent waking to no waking. Many, maybe even most, babies will go through a period where they sleep long stretches and mom is feeling great, and thinking she must have done just the best job because, hey, her baby is sleeping, just like the books/pediatrician/grandma say he "should". But most babies also return to frequent waking sometime during the first year, as teething, growth spurts, and new developmental milestones conspire to make them more needful at night.

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    If you can co-sleep/nurse comfortably in bed without having to fully wake up to nurse yourself, it will probably be far easier for you to get back to sleep and not stress out as much about the broken sleep.
    Every 3 hours at night is really not "ab-normal".
    I know everyone seems to place such emphasis on "is baby sleeping through the night yet?"
    or the Ped asking if he is sleeping through the night.
    Rest assured that frequent night waking is NOT harming your baby at all! It is normal for babies to wake often to eat or just be comforted or to pee and the fact that your baby goes back to sleep well is great. (Sometimes mine wakes up at night and won't go back to sleep for a hour cause he wants to play or crawl around.)

    Only reasons to get baby to sleep longer at night are to help you get more sleep so if you can turn the clock to the wall and do things to make it easier for you to fall back to sleep it may not make that much difference to you if baby sleeps longer or not.

    Do you go to bed when baby does? If not, you could try to dream feed right before you go to bed so that may give you a longer first sleep stretch as well.

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