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Thread: New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 3, October 2014

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    Default New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 3, October 2014

    New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 3, October 2014

    Features: SIDS, Suffocation, and the Safe Sleep Seven - excerpt from LLLI's new book Sweet Sleep
    Tips for Calming Your Fussy Baby
    Mothers' Stories: Kelli's Story: My Tandem Nursing Journey
    Stephanie's Story: The Pink of Your Lips - the joys and frustrations of toddler nursing
    Staying Home: Choosing a Family Pet
    "My children are asking to get a pet. I never had a pet growing up
    and I have no idea how to go about choosing the pet that is right for the family.
    What suggestions do other mothers have for deciding what pet to choose?"
    Toddler Tips: Help a Toddler Through a Nap Transition
    —with responses from Forums members karrieperry, mommal, nathansmum, and zoi.
    "I am in need of naptime help! My 17 month old seems to be transitioning from
    two naps to one. She is really resisting going to sleep even when I put her down for
    just an afternoon nap. She seems cranky almost all the time..."
    Making it Work: Tips for the Uninterested Nursling
    "My baby is nine months old and I've been back to work
    full-time since she was six months old. She's always nursed frequently at night
    and on the weekends, but lately she just doesn't seem interested in nursing..."
    Focus on Fathers: Our Tag-Team Approach
    Giving Birth: Your Breastfeeding-Friendly Birth Plan
    Book Review: The Gentle Art of Newborn Family Care: A Guide for Postpartum Doulas and Caregivers, by Salle Webber
    US Breastfeeding Committee: A National Breastfeeding Party!
    Eating Wisely: Eating the Rainbow
    Recipes: Carrot Slaw with Cilantro Dressing
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