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Thread: Weaning my 14 month old

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    Default Weaning my 14 month old

    I need some tips!
    My 14 month old daughter has been a great breastfeeder, but has never taken a bottle. Nursing has worked really well for us until a few months ago and we are starting to think about our weaning plans. I don't feel any pressure from anyone to quit, just simply think it will be beneficial to my little one and myself.
    Here's our stats:
    Nurses at wake up
    Nurses to sleep at both morning & afternoon naps
    Nurses to sleep at night
    Nurses 2-4 times at night

    My husband has been able to get her to sleep without breast milk if I'm not home(happened maybe 2-3 times), but I can't get her sleep without offering.

    I don't let her cry it out, and won't.

    My husband can get up with her for a few nights to try to break the night weaning, but not more than that as his job is demanding.

    My questions:
    Do I need to focus on night weaning first?
    If so, should I nurse more during the day since I've already gotten it down to just a few times?
    How can I might wean without my husband? I feel like she'll just protest herself to being awake.
    Once I'm ready to wean from those pre-sleep feedings, how do I get her to sleep?!
    She's pretty attached to me, so I think she'll put up a pretty good fight!
    Looking for any tips!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Weaning my 14 month old

    I don't have any weaning experience yet to offer, but wanted to bump this in hopes that some more experienced mamas may chime in.

    If you do decide to go a husband-helps route, and it's working but not working quick enough, do you have close family or friends near by that would be up to the task of helping? (And probably would need to be someone that little one knows well-- a granny or babysitter?)

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    Default Re: Weaning my 14 month old

    There is no reason to focus on any particular weaning schedule. Every baby is different, and every mom is different. So how to or when to wean your child is going to depend entirely on you and your child. Some mothers do nothing to encourage weaning, some mothers very gently encourage weaning (don't offer but don't refuse, Delay, substitute, distract) And some moms prefer to take more targeted methods like shortening nursing session or "dropping" nursing sessions. And of course all of these can happen in combination.

    If you feel most overwhelmed by the night nursing sessions and wish to try to eliminate those, offering to nurse more often during the day may help. For other ideas, you could look at the book The No Cry Sleep Solution. In my experience, toddlers are busy during the day and it is the night session that tend to be the last to go, consequently. Especially the "go to sleep" sessions-those are often the very last to go. But that may be in part because those are the ones moms encourage the most because nursing is so helpful in gentling a child to sleep.
    Good books on weaning are The Nursing Mothers Guide to Weaning and How Weaning Happens.

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    Default Re: Weaning my 14 month old

    I don't feel any pressure from anyone to quit, just simply think it will be beneficial to my little one and myself.
    It's great that you're not feeling pressured- a lot of moms find that once their babies are >1 year the pressure becomes pretty intense! But I am curious about what you think will be "beneficial" about weaning? The reason I ask is that a lot of moms feel or are told that weaning will cause x, y, or z to happen, when it's not necessarily true. Maybe we can provide some reassurance on that front?

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