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Thread: Beating myself up - I am my worst critic...

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    Smile Re: Beating myself up - I am my worst critic...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jen&Allen View Post
    Rule #1: Feed the baby. That takes priority. So I will do what I need to do in order to accomplish that goal.

    You are doing a great job for sticking with it and you are right that Feeding the baby comes first! My LO would not nurse more than a suckle or two at a time in the beginning and we fed with a cup and oral syringe. She lost weight and I blamed myself for starving her.

    Someone on this forum posted to me Rule #1: Feed the baby (maybe it was you - I should check). At that point we began with bottles of EBM and formula (still attempting to nurse at every feeding) and a week later she was nursing on her own!!

    You just have to go with what works for you and your LO and know you are doing a great job!! Do not blame or stress yourself out b/c is will only make it harder.

    Enjoy your vacation and Best of Luck!

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    Default Re: Beating myself up - I am my worst critic...

    Thanks for all the love!

    He had a bottle of formula on Firday at daycare and was none too happy about it, but it's what I had available. I haven't made a final decison yet and I will be asking his pedi's opinion before I give him anything new. I also saw on the carton that the milk alternatives are not to be used as infant formula. I was originally looking to use them once he old enough for cows milk (instead of cows milk). I've compared a lot of the infant and toddler formulas and I don't see much of a difference, but his pedi needs to look at them and make sure I'm not missing something.

    I think taking the stress out of the situation will be a big help - not to mention a week in Disney World!


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