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Thread: Period Return and Low Milk Supply

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    My period returned much earlier than with my previous two babies. He's now nearly six months old. I have a severe drop in pumping output for the past three days. I usually pump 4 to 5 ounces and always have. Now I'm lucky if I get 2. I take herbal supplements, eat oatmeal, drink water, etc., etc. What's even weirder is that my period seems to be over. I haven't had anything for the past 24 hours. So what is going on? By the way, my baby seems fine. He ate more often over the weekend but got plenty of milk. I also changed my pump parts out thinking that was the issue. Still having trouble. Help!

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    Your supply drop might not be related to your period. But it may. Six months is a common time for people to see a drop in their supply. Because you are pumping you are noticing it, but to me it sounds like your baby got enough milk from the nursing. In other words, if you weren't pumping you probably would never know about your drop in supply I have that a lot. Weekends are fine but when I try to pump on Friday or Monday I get so little and I know for a fact my baby didn't get just 2 oz or whatever over the weekend at that feeding time.

    Your supply drop could be hormonally influenced, even though your period is over. Whenever I had drops in supply it wasn't because of decreased demand - it was, I'm assuming, something to do with my hormones. Another reason would be pregnancy but since you got your period, I doubt that's the cause.
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    How many times over the work day are you pumping? Whether it's due to your period, a pump slump, or something else entirely, the best way to get over a hit in supply is to increase your demand. Can you add in an additional pumping session to your work day?
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