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tclynx, how did you stop pumping? I have no idea how to wean off of it once I feel she is doing well enough to keep up my supply on her own. I agree that it's not possible to be "full" all the time. I had this same problem with my last baby and pumped for 13 months! (As he got older I did not need to pump as much but it still was taxing) I really really hope that is not the case this time because she is my last baby and I don't think I can do it for as long either.

Thanks again.
Pump weaning is really very easy, once you reach the point where you don't need every last drop of pumped milk for supplements.
Basically, to stop "increasing" your supply you just stop pumping to the point of drained. Then simply reduce the length or frequency of pumping every few days until you are not pumping anymore.

What is harder is figuring out how to wean off of the supplements. If using bottles, make sure to use paced bottle feeding and keep the supplements as small as possible.
The Resources for milk transfer issues thread link in my signature may have helpful resources for you for tongue tie or any other problem that can cause difficulty with oral motor function, I really think the physical therapy helped us and I would recommend it for anyone getting tongue tie correction after the first week or so.