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Thread: 5 month old spitting up more than usual

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    Default 5 month old spitting up more than usual

    Hi! This is my first post here on LLL :-) However, I have used the resources on this website over the past 5 months and have found it to be so helpful :-)

    So, a little background, I have a 5 month old. He is mainly breastfed - when I'm with him I nurse him and when he's at daycare he gets 2 breastmilk bottles and 1 formula bottle. A couple of weeks ago he started getting fussy when nursing and when drinking his BM bottles at daycare. Not screaming or anything but just kind of acting like he didn't want to eat and/or was full. Which is strange because this would happen during his first feeding of the day (aka at times when he has always been/should be hungry).

    This has then transpired into him spitting up large amounts. He's always spit up some but I've always considered that normal. But he's spitting up so much now that daycare has talked to me about it and this morning I became concerned because he spit up what seemed to be his entire morning feeding as I was getting ready for work. Sometimes he will even spit up 2+ hours after a feeding. And most of the time it'll be so much that he needs a new outfit.

    What would cause a 5 month old to start spitting up a lot? I haven't changed my diet. I can't figure out what it could be :-( Can babies develop dairy allergies later like this? Any help is appreciate! Thank you!

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    Default Re: 5 month old spitting up more than usual

    Not sure if this helps but he's almost 19 lbs, gets three 7-oz bottles at daycare while I'm at work, and sometimes will go a few days without a dirty diaper. For example, he had a (big) dirty diaper yesterday (Monday) but hadn't gone since Thursday.

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    Default Re: 5 month old spitting up more than usual

    How long has he been in daycare? And how long is he there each day? That sounds like very large bottles, but it's hard to say whether that's contributing to the spitting up. Did he always drink all 21 oz? I'm away from my LO about 11 hours total (he's asleep when I leave for work) and he so far is only having 12 oz a day, four 3 oz bottles. For nursing babies, I've been told it's 1 to 1.5 oz for every hour away from baby. And he spits up! Is it possible your LO is just overeating? Since you say he acted full at a time he would normally be hungry, that's what making me think that. Also, teething causes babies to drool a lot (noticing that?) so that might be a factor. But it wouldn't hurt to get him checked out at the pediatrician. But if he's happy, not in pain, acting differently, then there might not be cause for alarm. My LO spits up a lot during the day, and often smiles while doing so.
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    Default Re: 5 month old spitting up more than usual

    I agree that 7 oz bottles are HUGE for a beastfed baby. 2-4 oz at a time is normal for a breastfed baby and 5 oz is often considered large.
    How long are you away from baby?
    How often are you nursing when with baby?

    Spitting up is generally not cause for alarm on it's own but if there are signs of illness, or discomfort, or lack of weight gain etc, then it is worth seeding the Dr about it.

    True allergies can't develop until after being exposed to the allergen so it is possible to develop a milk allergy later. How long has baby been getting formula? Sometimes the exposure to animal milk/soy based formula can be the sensitizing factor in babies developing milk or soy allergies. But babies being allergic to something in mom's diet is actually less common that people are led to believe.

    What may be more likely is picking up a stomach bug at daycare or if bottles are being given in a NON-breastfeeding supportive way, baby may be getting over fed and that can be causing baby to throw up or to be fussy about bottles if baby is being pushed to finish such large bottles.
    Smaller more frequent meals given in a breastfeeding supportive way may be the answer.

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    Default Re: 5 month old spitting up more than usual

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*tclynx View Post
    Smaller more frequent meals given in a breastfeeding supportive way may be the answer.
    Yes! It's probably something that should be done even if it's not the answer to the question "Why is my kid spitting up so much?"

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