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Thread: The dreaded night gas

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    Hi, my 5 mo has been having excessive gas and problems passing gas at night following feeds. It started about 6 wks ago with her stirring around 4am, kicking and twisting but not waking up. Then it became 3, then 2, now it's all night and she often wakes up, sometimes screaming. I usually pull her up on my stomach while half sitting up, her tummy down, to nurse her which seems to help her pass gas and go back to sleep but I have to hold her upright for about 30 mins before I can put her back down. If I nurse her on my side it makes it worse. Lately this has been most of the night so I'm sleeping maybe 4 hours total broken sleep. Another thing is she still nurses every 1 1/2 to 2 hrs during the day and does not typically nap for longer than 45 mins at a time, twice a day.
    Plenty of wet nappies, about 4 poopy nappies/day. Lately they've been greenish. Haven't weighed her in a while but she was gaining very well after a slow start. Very alert, mostly happy but I can tell she's tired too from all the waking & she's had some tough nights with a lot of cramping and pain.
    Any advice so so appreciated, especially as I'm heading back to work in 8 weeks...

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    I am not sure there is much you can do about gas. It's a normal byproduct of digestion and some people have it worse than others.
    Of course some people would say look at your own diet. But I am not one of those people! However, if there was some change in your diet or anything that coincided with the gas...?
    I imagine some people think your child's nursing frequency and short sleep stretches are unusual but it sounds entirely normal to me.
    Any chance there is some forceful letdown thing happening? This would be kind of old for that to onset, and the shorter time between nursing sessions usually helps. But the gas, fast gain, and green poop does fit. Does baby usually eat one sided or two?
    One of my kids had to be upright after nursing and it certainly was challenging at night. What I did was nurse him and then roll onto my side and kind of drape him over my side so his head was above his tummy and we would both go back to sleep that way. That, or I slept propped on pillows in a half sitting up position with baby on top of me.
    In 8 weeks your child will be 7 months old. It's a long time in the life of a baby, so no reason to think what is going on now will still be going on then. But if you think that you will not be awoken by your baby at night even at that age, unfortunately that is usually not the case. Children may wake frequently at night right through toddlerhood. It's entirely normal.

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    I realise night waking is normal and healthy, I'm finding that her gas issues seem to be worsening & it's disrupting her sleep as well. She's definitely in pain when it happens and it seems to come on very sudden. Out of desperation I've cut dairy, chocolate , wheat, soy, and gassy veg pretty much out of my diet. We're in bed from 7 to 7 but wrecked by the time we get out of bed. She usually takes a longish nap an hour after waking with no gas problems! Could it be something I'm producing in my milk at night? Shifting hormone levels? Does that make sense? Am I talking crazy talk? I'm sooo tired.
    She does tend to chug milk and it's noisy during letdown, her latch is ok, not fantastic because of a liptie (I've worked with a LC on this, I have to pull her upper lip out but I check every time). Is there a way to slow the feed? I do a lot of laid back nursing but I haven't noticed a difference.

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    I wonder if moving around gets the gas to move along and that's why it's worse at night. Have you tried baby massage and bicycling her legs? I know these are easier in the day than in the middle of the night :s

    You can also get over the counter meds for baby gas in the UK at least that might help. I used it when my lo was newborn when she struggled. Thankfully she kinda got used to her gas. It wasn't any where near as bad as you describe tho

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    lip-tie can cause excess gas, right? I thought so but I am not to up on lip tie. What has your lc said about that?

    We're in bed from 7 to 7 but wrecked by the time we get out of bed
    12 hours seems like a long time to be in bed with your baby-I guess I do not understand why you are doing that? Maybe it's less about gas than baby is simply not tired enough to be in bed so long?

    that long in bed with a restless baby would exhaust anyone. A gassy baby is not going to be very comfortable for long periods lying down, but I would not try to be in bed anywhere near this long with a non-gassy baby either! I bedshare, and at this age, I usually kept my kids with me and went to bed with them at my usual bedtime. Often they fell asleep earlier, snuggled against me in a more or less upright position, but I did not try to put them (or me) in bed until I was ready to go to sleep. What about a sling or baby carrier? Will baby fall asleep in those?

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    I could've written this myself. I'm so frustrated. I Cut out all dairy which helped but still EVERYnight she has gas pains that wake her up. During the day also. Same nap times as you and my lo is 5 months 2 weeks. I started to supplement to start the weaning process bc I thought shes was allergic to everything im eating. Im desperate bc I love bfing but I cant handle the" was it something I ate" then just going over everything that day. I put her on probiotics...gas drops ... im following to see what anyone else has to say. I feel your pain!!! Sorry im not any help..

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