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    Post nipple blisters

    My 9 month old is BFOD. She is teething and our schedules have been off (due to my working part time and no set schedule) so she is nursing more at night, and is popping on and off the breast a lot when I am home with her, probably due to teething lately and just because we are together and she just likes unlimited access I think
    So we have never had any issues with yeast, engorgment, mastitis, etc and for the first time yesterday I noticed some little water blisters (clear fluid) pop up out of no where on my nipples! I read it could be a blocked opening (that skin grew over a hole?) or possibly a sign of yeast? but she has no symptoms of that and I have some discomfort, but since yesterday has improved. She popped them when nursing at one point and they are not red or irritated. No blocked ducts. No signs of infection and I have kept some drops of breastmilk on there to hopefully keep infection at bay. Wondering if due to the constant nursing and occasional rough or shallow latch when she is being careless. She does occasionally play with the other nipple while nursing and I wonder if she scratched the surface, causing the blisters? Any input on this or recommendations?

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    A nipple blister is normally white I think?

    I had one this weekend and it hurt to nurse on and milk backed up behind it and I had a hard lump in my breast which hurt more :s

    Unless what you have is a more minor version it doesn't sound the same - luckily for you!

    Kellymom recommends soaking in saline 4 times a day and hot wet compresses before feeding. Make sure you offer that side first and nurse/pump on it every 2 hours.

    In the end I sterilised a needle and tweezers and attacked myself but I think the site said to visit a doctor and not do this yourself tho. And I would only do this to relieve pain or if milk was definitely backing up behind it.

    As you aren't in pain and milk is flowing freely I would just do what you are doing!

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    The stuff inside mine was very definitely white not clear too and was solid (wasn't sure if it was milk or skin in the end)

    Here's the link I used
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