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Thread: Pain while/after Breastfeeding at 10 months

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    Hi All, I have had a pretty easy time breastfeeding with really little to no complications up until these past 3 days. Every time I breastfeed and afterwards I get a burning pain which sometimes can be sharp. I noticed that my nipples are always hard and it feels worse when its cold. I have tried to pump more than breastfeed because that seems to hurt less. My daughter is 10 months old and is starting to get her top teeth. One thing I have tried is to apply some dry heat before and that seems to make the actual pumping a little easier, but the after pain is a killer. I am in such pain as I sit here and write this, which makes me dread pumping/breastfeeding next. There doesn't seem to be any infection. My daughter doesn't have any white spots in her mouth so I do not think it is thrush b.c she hasn't been on any medications both over the counter or prescribed... I do not have a fever, I don't feel any real "bumps" in my boobs. Any tips or advice on how to stop/sooth the pain would be greatly appreciated. I obviously want to continue to breastfeed my daughter, but after 3 days of this pain I do not know how much longer I can take it! Thank you for your help in advance!

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    Thrush doesn't necessarily have to be obvious in baby for it to be causing you issues.

    I might also be vasospam which cold can bring on/exasperate.

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