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Thread: Beer to increase supply?

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    Default Beer to increase supply?

    I've heard that drinking a beer will increase milk... I feel uncomfortable doing that, but would a nonalcoholic beer do the same thing?

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    Default Re: Beer to increase supply?

    This is a myth that has a little fact in it.
    The grains that some beer is derived from act as galactagogues in some women. But alcohol dehydrates so that will tend to lower production.
    Of course, on the other hand, one (real) beer is perfectly safe, probably won't dehydrate you, and some moms find it relaxing and that never hurts.
    Rather than non-alcoholic beer, which I have never understood the point of, I would suggest, Look into eating oatmeal: http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supply-worries/oatmeal/

    Other grains that have reported galactgogue properties: Barley and brown rice. Lately I have heard of many moms taking brewers yeast.

    Good resources in low milk production generally: The book Making More Milk and http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp...es/low-supply/

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    Default Re: Beer to increase supply?

    Yea I believe it is the barley that may be beneficial.
    Some women with a severe problem with their let down reflex might maybe find a beer helps but if the idea makes you uncomfortable then it would defeat the purpose since you wouldn't relax.

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    Default Re: Beer to increase supply?

    In Medications and Mothers' Milk, Dr. Hale says

    Older studies, some in animals, suggested that beer (or more likely, barley) may stimulate prolactin levels. While this may be true, we now know clearly that alcohol is a profound inhibitor of oxytocin release, and inevitably reduces milk letdown and the amount of milk delivered to the infant. Thus beer should not be considered a galactogogue.
    In the LactMed database entry on alcohol, it says that beer may increase serum prolactin levels during nursing because of polysaccharides from barley and hops. And in one study, a woman drinking nonalcoholic beer had the same prolactin response as those who drank regular beer.

    If the barley and hops are what stimulates higher prolactin levels, but alcohol inhibits the letdown reflex, then nonalcoholic beer should actually work better, right? Hmm...

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    Default Re: Beer to increase supply?

    Try lactation bars. Yummy and chocolate makes me feel good There are tons of recipes online.

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