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Thread: Comfort feeding?

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    My son is six weeks and all he wants is to be on my breast or chest. He'll nurse for about 30min and fall asleep when I try to put him down or move he'll start to cry so I put him back on and he sucks for about a minute falls asleep for like five and sucks for a minute, we'll do this multiple times and it usually starts around late afternoon/evening (3-5) and last all night, he's fine in the mornings and early afternoon though. I've tried offering him a pacifier and putting him in his swing but he rejects that now and that would usually sooth him. Is he sucking for comfort or is he just not getting full as the day goes on I've heard that some women have supply issues later in the day. Thanks for any advice

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    Has his weight gain trajectory been satisfying to your pediatrician thus far? Does he have a sufficient number of wet and dirty diapers? If both of these are "yes", then I would say that it sounds like you have a baby that loves to be near his mama! And if so, congrats! I think, barring any outlying medical condition, babies tend to know what they need, and to be good at asking it of us.

    Are you using any of the lying-down nursing positions? Are you practicing safe co sleeping? Even if you aren't intending cosleeping to happen, if you nurse baby in bed, it can be good to make it a safe place just in case. Side-lying was truly a eureka moment for me in those early weeks (and still a favorite!).

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    Provided all weight gain and medical is good.
    Get a sling or carrier and wear him during the afternoon/evening during these days when he wants to comfort nurse or be touching mamma all the time.

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    with the PPs. The most common reason for evening fussiness is just the baby being a baby. They get tired and cranky just like adults do! The best thing you can do is get a stack of novels or a Netflix subscription, and spend the fussy time glued to the couch, nursing and nursing and nursing....and nursing some more! That's what I had to do with baby #2, and while it was frustrating at the time it was nevertheless infinitely easier than trying to soothe her in other ways.

    6 weeks was the maximum fussy time for both my kids. But it gets better, I swear! By around 3 months they start turning into little people, who interact with you and have more predictable rhythms.

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