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Thread: Too late to increase supply???

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    Default Too late to increase supply???

    Please help, this mommy needs encouragement and pointers. I have been BF my 7 week old, and we've had issues with weight gain. Dr's had me supplement with formula early on (I didn't know any better) and I'm afraid that, along with just not being a good producer, that I won't be able to keep up with her feeding needs. Yesterday I EP'd 10 times in a 24 hour period with sessions lasting from 30-45 minutes. I got only 18 ounces in this time. I used up the amount of milk I had previously stored. I'm scared that I won't be able to give her my milk any longer than one more day, as I no longer have any stored. I take fenugreek and mothers milk tea. HOW CAN I INCREASE SUPPLY QUICKLY??

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    Default Re: Too late to increase supply???

    I'm hoping that some more experienced and knowledgable mamas will chime in soon with some good tips on increasing your supply if that is needed. In the meantime, have you checked out the book Making More Milk? That always seems to be suggested, and though I have not read it myself, it seems to get good reviews and frequent mentions on these boards.

    Do you exclusively pump all days or just the other day? Is your baby able to nurse directly?

    Like I said, I hope some more knowledgeable mamas will be able to offer some suggestions soon. But for now, know that 18 ounces is still a lot of ounces of goodness and nutrition and immune support and love for your baby! You are doing a wonderful job and working really hard to do the best for your little one.

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    Default Re: Too late to increase supply???

    It is never too late to increase milk production.
    Why did you ep rather than adding pump sessions to nursing? How long did you supplement with formula and why, and how much was/is baby getting? Doctor told you too, but why? what is the actual weight gain history?

    18 ounces is actually no small potatoes. No it is not quite enough for an entire day, but it's pretty close to the ~20- 25 or so ounces which is usually considered the minimum a baby needs each day (some babies do need more but some do not.) Pumping is often less effective than nursing for milk removal. So you being able to pump 18 ounces in a day is good news imo.

    Also, poor gain may not be about milk production, or only about milk production. Have you had breastfeeding assessed to see if baby is able to extract milk effectively? Any other possible health issues?

    How often is baby being bottle fed and how much each time?

    There really is no short cut to increasing milk production. It happens faster for some moms than others.
    General ways to increase milk production-
    Nurse baby as often as baby will.
    Try breast compressions and switch nursing as needed to encourage baby to nurse longer and take in more milk per session. Encouraging baby to take both sides each session helps.
    Make sure baby is able to extract milk effectively. You probably need help from a lactation consultant to do this.
    Pump as often as possible with an excellent pump. Pump for about 15-20 minutes per side if you can, but if you can only pump for 10, do that. A hospital grade rented pump is the best pump to use usually. Some moms find adding hand expression helps. Pumping directly after nursing is typically recommended, but really it is best to find what works best for you in terms of getting frequent pump sessions in and do that.

    Try other other herbal and food based galactagogues if fenugreek is not working.
    Consider medication galactagogues
    Make sure you are drinking enough water to be normally hydrated.
    Eat a wide variety of healthy foods. Eat as much as you like. In other words, eat when hungry and drink when thirsty.
    More info: The Book Making More Milk and www.kellymom.com low supply articles

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    Default Re: Too late to increase supply???

    Just to add to what @maddieb mentioned on food.
    Foods that helped me increase supply: pearl barley and oatmeal.

    My mom made me some sort of barley milkshake and I drank one glass every day. It was basically cooked barley then she put that in the blender, along with the water she cooked it in, and added milk, a little sugar and cinnamon. It tasted good to me but there are other ways you can cook barley.

    Also, I baked the lactation cookies, which have brewer's yeast, oatmeal and I think flax meal (I don't quite remember, I can get the recipe for you if you want). They are actually pretty good, my husband used to eat my cookies!

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