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Thread: SNS/Lact-aid in public?

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    One more book I wish I had read ahead of time is,
    Balancing Breast and Bottle

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    Following! I am a hopeful adoptive mama, too, and am planning to induce lactation.
    Me (33) DH (40)
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    Late to this but just wanted to say I did nurse with a lactation aid (not a commercial one but homemade with a premature infant feeding tube stuck into a bottle). I just had the attitude that I"d use it as an opportunity to educate anyone who asked about why I had to supplement and how happy I was I didn't have to use bottles and reduce risk of babies rejecting the breast. My situation was needing to give my twins a few oz of donor milk a day and I was asked a few times and just tried to not be defensive but actually welcome questions. It all worked out.
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