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Thread: Normal poop at 11 weeks

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    Default Normal poop at 11 weeks

    I am EBF'ing my 11 week old son. 99% of the time his poop has been lovely mustard yellow (with the exception of some greenish poop, this was sorted out after switching to block feeding). My question is, can someone explain to me what normal poop constancy is like? Isn't all breast feed poop a touch on the mucus side? I have been a bit concerned about mucusy poop for a few weeks now. I was on antibiotics for mastitis for a few weeks and that made my LO poop very loose. Ever since (I finished antibiotics about 5 days ago) it has not gone back to a normal consistency and I am a bit concerned!

    I take high quality acidoplious daily, and really watch what I eat. No dairy (maybe a bit of butter here and there) very little gluten, and avoid soy the best I can.

    I have a super active letdown so sometimes spitting up is an issue. Other days, it not even present. In general my LO is a very happy little man. He does on occasion grunt and scrunch his legs as he tries to poop, but my pediatrician seemed to think that this was normal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Normal poop at 11 weeks

    As long as baby is gaining normally and there are no signs of illness or an unusual amount of gastrointestinal discomfort, I really do not think you have to worry about poops looking mucousy. I think mucousy can be an entirely normal consistency, and there are things that might make stool look more mucousy that are entirely benign. Like baby drooling, or your occasional fast letdown.

    I just want to point out (because there is so much confusion about this) that, for nursing mothers in general, there is no need to avoid dairy or any other foods in a typical diet while nursing. If a baby is having an allergic reaction or sensitivity to something mother is eating, there are typically some clear signs.

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