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Thread: Nursing habits of a 16 month old?

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    Default Nursing habits of a 16 month old?

    Hi all
    Just interested to hear from some experienced mums about nursing my 16 month old. How much would a toddler this age usually nurse?

    I feed on demand at night but in the day try to limit nursing to first thing in the morning and then once or twice before bed. She wakes 1-3 times in the night and usually won't go back to sleep without a full feed (both sides).

    She would feed more in the day if she could and I have allowed her to recently as she has been upset because of teething (I think).

    Thanks for any tips/advice

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    Default Re: Nursing habits of a 16 month old?

    When my kids were that age, they probably nursed 6-8 times per day and once overnight. But there's a really big range of normal- there are 16 month-olds who are completely weaned and also those who nurse like newborns.

    What would you like to have happen in your nursing relationship, mama? Are you eager to wean, or are you happy nursing and just concerned as to whether or not your child's behavior is normal?

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    Default Re: Nursing habits of a 16 month old?

    Yeah, I've got one of those "nurse like newborns" toddlers! My 21 month old usually wants to nurse every 30-45 minutes while she is awake and we are together.
    Apologies for the short responses! I'm usually responding one-handed on my smartphone!

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