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Thread: Increasing Milk Supply After PICU Stay

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    Default Increasing Milk Supply After PICU Stay

    My little guy had a corrective surgery for craniosynostosis, and we had a three day hospital stay. We're back home and his recovery so far has been amazing, unfortunately I can't say the same for my milk supply. We weren't able to breastfeed since he was wrapped up in so many bandages and IV's and sensors at the hospital, I tried to pump but wasn't able to get much of anything. When I talked to the dietician she said that the stress could have had a big impact on my supply, and I honestly wasn't thinking about myself the last couple days, so I let myself get dehydrated.

    Are there any other moms who had a similar experience? Is there hope for getting my supply back to where it was?

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    That sounds really stressful! I can imagine how hard it would be to deal with trying to pump on top of everything else.

    I realize you posted this a couple weeks ago... How are things going now?

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