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    Hi! I've been happily breastfeeding my 2nd born child for 7 months now with no issues. About a month ago she started refusing the right breast while nursing. I usually use the cross cradle hold because that's most comfortable for me. After a few failed attempts getting her to nurse from the right side in cross cradle, I put her on the right breast in football hold and suddenly no problem! Ever since then, she will nurse from the left side in the cross cradle hold, but will only nurse from the right side if I put her in football hold. This is easy enough at home, but when I'm out and about I find it harder to hold her this way because I don't always have pillows or chairs with arm rests handy. Any idea what might have caused this sudden change in preference? Tips? I nursed my son for a year, and never ran into this "problem" (it's a minor issue I know :-)).

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    I think this is pretty common actually, for positioning to change as baby grows.
    There are many positions in which to nurse a child, and pretty much unlimited adjustments to try for different body types, baby sizes, baby preferences, and situation. Thinking about a classic foot ball hold- What if you leaned back slightly and had baby straddling a leg, or leaned back with baby across you but at a diagonal with bottom much lower than head? What about leaning back and holding baby along your side lengthwise (the side baby is nursing from) as you lean slightly over to one side? Or doing that but with baby's body kind of wrapped abound your side, feet kind of behind you, again, with bottom lower than head?

    Often if mom leans back even just a bit (as you can do in a chair or on a bench when out) with moms bottom pushed more out towards the edge of the chair or bench and back leaning back and supported by the back of the seat, that often opens up more possibilities. YOu can practice at home on the couch first maybe.

    If you look at the promo for this DVD, it shows moms nursing in many positions, including while out and about. You do not need the actual dvd, that is for lactation consultants to study. Just watch the free promo. http://www.geddesproduction.com/brea...-laid-back.php
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    Sometimes the baby is less comfortable turning the head to one side then to the other. If this is the case a restriction in her upper cervical spine might be the problem and a chiropractor might be able to help with that. I would look for a Chiropractor who specializes in treating children. You can find out more on http://icpa4kids.org/

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    can you feed in a baby carrier? while out and about it is really great

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