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Thread: first time EB mom with MASTITIS HELP ME!!!!!

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    Default first time EB mom with MASTITIS HELP ME!!!!!

    Hello everyone, i had my second child 7 weeks ago, i decided to exclusively breastfeed but that webt out the window because he was born premature and was hooked up to lots of machines so i was forced to pump. But fast forward to today, i developed mastitis in my left breast and my baby has thrush, so my nipples are raw, my milk supply has come down, my let down is not letting down, and i have a very. Hungry baby. .. we both been given antibiotics but how can i improve my situation. . I barely get 3 ounces from both breast when pumping (but i have a Manuel pump).. i need advice from moms who have been where i am.. i started supplementing but feeling so guilty about it and only did it like 3xs and he refused most of it twice

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    Default Re: first time EB mom with MASTITIS HELP ME!!!!!

    Hang in there momma

    Can you tell us more details? How early was your baby?

    How were you pumping for your Premie? (not with the manual pump I hope)

    3 oz from a single pumping session is actually not bad, especially if you were using a manual pump one breast at a time!

    You both need to get treated for Thrush. Antibiotics actually probably exasperated that.

    How does nursing feel (aside from the thrush pain) I know it may be hard to tell?
    Have you had help from an LC you can find IBCLC listings here http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3901

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    Default Re: first time EB mom with MASTITIS HELP ME!!!!!

    with Tclynx.

    You need a good double electric pump, preferably a hospital-grade rental, for as long as you are exclusively pumping. A manual pump is not going to cut it when it comes to maintaining supply, and you are going to get exhausted trying to use it! Are you in the US? If so, your health insurance may cover a much better pump.

    Can you see a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC? If the baby is home with you now, and able to nurse, you may boned some help getting him to the breast. The LC can also help you with pumping- she can help you get a better pump, make sure your shields are properly sized, give you other tips- and with treatment for the thrush. I assume your baby is being treated for thrush, and ou should be treated simultaneously,

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