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Thread: Want my fertility back!

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    Default Want my fertility back!

    I know everybody will have very different experiences but I'm interested (most of my NCT group has almost fully weaned already, and allegedly their babies all just "gave up the boob" without a fuss (albeit I don't think any of the mums were avidly pro-breastfeeders)). My baby is 10 months old. I am starting to think about my options over the next few months if my periods still aren't back. I know it would be nice to wait and let nature take its course but I really would like another baby not too far apart for various reasons including my age (40).

    I wondered if day-weaning could help... on busy days she can easily go without boob all day... but is it really the night weaning that will make all the difference? I've looked very briefly at the No Cry Sleep Solution webpage and it all seems like it could still be a bit of a long-drawn out process that I might not have the steel to get into as my sleep is absolutely fine... really not that keen to night wean so would love to know if people have had success with getting fertility back with just day weaning?

    We co-sleep and baby loves to sucky herself back to sleep maybe 3 or 4 times after about 3am, and sometimes during those sucky periods she will draft long, hard gulps. I definitely think she gets more milk from me during this 3-6am period than she does over the rest of the day. I am no longer offering boob left, right and centre during the day and she happily goes to sleep in the sling without suckying although I always sucky her to sleep at night.

    Or am I thinking about this too early? 4 months till what would be a 2 year gap by being pregnant by new year... I understand an "average" return to fertility is 14 months, but I look at many of the stats by people on here with 3-years-plus gaps between kids; I'd really love a smaller gap!

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    I believe that it's largely the long gap between feedings that makes night weaning effective. But since babies need so much sleep, there's really a much longer gap than you can probably manage during the day (my little guy started sleeping 12 hours straight once he decided he was done with night nursing).

    That said, I've read that even going a long period without nursing one time can kick start your fertility again. And apparently B vitamin supplements can help.

    I'm also an older mother, and was desperate to get my fertility back so we could start trying for a second. I got my first period around 7 months, but then I started temping and was ovulating way too late in my cycle for several months after that (my luteal phase was about 8 days). Interestingly, we went to Germany and the folic acid I could get included other B vitamins, and that's when I got pregnant. So maybe the B vitamin thing works.

    Beware, though: pregnancy tends to make your supply decrease (in my case, I think enough that I'm making my son wean way earlier than I wanted to). So maybe try to be patient? I wouldn't have listened to that advice, but think about it.

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    Default Re: Want my fertility back!

    I think it's too early to be worrying. If your period isn't back by 14-16 months, then I think it might be time to consider accelerating your baby's weaning. But a 10 month-old should still be receiving most of her calories from breastmilk, and if you were to wean at this point you'd likely need to wean to formula, not solids. Also, there does seem to be an optimal gap between pregnancies- give your body a normal amount of time before you try to conceive again. Better for you, and better for your next baby.

    I totally get the feeling of the ticking clock and the fear that you might give up your next baby because of nursing your current baby... But it's just a few months. Probably not enough to make or break you, right?

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    Default Re: Want my fertility back!

    Just wanted to add that, according to my gyno, the reason nightweaning CAN be more effective than cuts during the day is because the level of the related hormones drops at night. Don't ask me if it was estrogen or what (more knowledgeable people, with better memories, are on this board), but it was a night-specific thing.

    That said, I nightweaned at 18 months and only got AF back at 22 months. I had also previously tried a 24 hour nursing pause. Whatcha gonna do? I am 39 now, and currently hoping for a 3 year gap (making me 41 for baby #2).
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