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Thread: having a hard time - would really appreciate some advice her

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    Default having a hard time - would really appreciate some advice her

    Hi everyone… here i am again… still with the same issue… here is my previous post (until the baby turned 3 months old.) she is now almost 10 months old and i battle with the same problem


    it will give you the best back story as to what was happening.
    she was born at 2.68kg
    Month 1: 3.41 kg (+ 930 grams)
    Month 2: 4.560 kg (+ 1.15 kg which is 1150 grams)
    Month 3: So far 5.15 kg (+590 grams. 4 more days till 3 months)
    Month 4: 5.74 (+590 grams)
    Month 5: 6.02 (+280 grams)
    Month 6: 7.10 +1kg
    Month 7: 7.33 (+230 grams)
    Month 8: 7.55 (+220 grams)
    Month 9: 7.55 (+ 0 grams)

    At 6 months i introduced solids.. she ate decently for three weeks and then suddenly became constipated… i stopped solids after that because her constipation was horrible… she was bleeding and crying. I stopped solids for three weeks… we did an antibiotic cuz we suspected a uti.. and constipation went away.
    When i introduced solids again she now barely eats anything… never opens her mouth for a spoon of food. Most kids are eating breakfast lunch dinner AND snacks… i can't even get a spoon happily into my child.

    Some days she tries to go 4-5 hours between feeds… She doesn't like to breastfeed much.. she hates solids… and she is no longer gaining weight.
    My pediatrician retired when my daughter was 3 months old.. I still have not found a paed that i am happy with.

    Now she has started biting me (she has two teeth) so now there is a new difficulty with feeding.

    My previous two kids were 9.5kg at this age (2 kilos more than her), breastfeeding happily every hour if they wanted to (demand fed)…
    I know that i have enough milk because today i was pumping and i can get out 100mls at least even after a feed. It seems like she gets bored when she feeds and thus maybe feeds for a short period of time and thats not long enough to get the calories she needs? She feeds for 4-5 minutes. I try to get her to feed longer but it just doesn't happen if she doesn't want to feed. She will scream and cry.

    I thought once we start solids then maybe she would get her calories from eating foods but thats not happening.
    Could this be maybe silent reflux? What would cause a poor appetite?

    Any thoughts on what I should do?

    Developmentally she is perfect… crawling, standing, says 'heddo' for hello…

    If i pump and offer her milk in a straw cup she will drink a little bit here and there … i also tried a bottle today of breastmilk and she drank 80mls (she was previously unable to drink from a bottle… she disliked it)

    If i offer her breastmilk in a cup between feeds how long can i let her snack on it until the milk goes off? and if she doesn't drink it can i refrigerate it again or would i need to throw it away? Its hard to just throw away breastmilk like that but up until today she hadn't drank more than 40mls from a bottle ever.

    I thought maybe my breastmilk is lacking and its not fattening enough for her but my two previous kids were very chunky so I don't think my milk could be the problem?

    For the past few days i have been taking her to my room and trying to breastfeed her in the quiet… every two to three hours… she does drink but theres no increase in the scale.
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    Default Re: having a hard time - would really appreciate some advice

    It does sound as if there is a problem of some sort.
    I'm not sure what to recommend first? Reflux or Allergy?

    On the topic of getting a child to eat, I'll recommend the book "My Child Won't Eat" It is more about expectations of what children should eat more than how to get them to eat.

    Also, instead of spoon feeding have you looked into baby led solids/baby led weaning?

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    Default Re: having a hard time - would really appreciate some advice

    Yeah, I am also thinking reflux could be a problem here, if only because I know a kid who was very slow to gain despite being breastfed on demand and having an average-sized older sister, and he had severe silent reflux. He just did not want to eat because using his digestive system hurt too much.

    I wouldn't worry about your LO not taking food from the spoon. Not all kids are interested in solids at <1 year. Mine didn't get interested in eating solids until 14-15 months, and neither one of them would take anything from a spoon. It was self-feeding or nothing.

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