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Thread: 8mo 3 wks/ night feedings/ solids help!!!

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    Default 8mo 3 wks/ night feedings/ solids help!!!

    Hello ladies. My baby girl has always been EBF baby. She is 8 months 3 weeks old and has always hit her weight gain. My question is simple. As she is getting older And sleeping longer stretches through the night, I'm concerned about night feedings. I know prolactin levels are at the highest at night it's very important to nurse through the night, so milk increases. We've always nursed 2-3 times nightly. However; now since she hit 7mos/2 weeks it's been usually once like around 5:30-6 am. I personally think this is way too long. I know that's every parents dream when baby is finally sleeping longer. Seems I'm backwards. Do I wake her even if she doesn't wake, so I can feed her. Do I wake and just pump like when she use to at 2-4-am I'm really worried about this. I've noticed sometimes my nipples now are hard , what does that mean? My goal is to breastfeed till she's 2 years old. I am concerned now that this will decrease my supply if we nurse only once. Any advice on what other mamas are doing would be great. How are you making this work? And has your supply decreased at all?

    Oh, I also wanted advice on solids schedule and how often you give? I know that's another way to wean baby off milk, so I'm just trying to get in a rhythm that will best suit my daughter and I. If it was up to me I wouldn't start solids till after a year. She seems interested in what we put in our mouths. I have noticed since starting solids or since her first tooth came at 7 months in my opinion doesn't nurse as long anymore. Than again could also be cause at this age babies are very distracted. And that's my baby girl. God forbid dad or older brother pass by or dogs bark. She will throw her head back nursing stops. I offer again couple mins later, but it's challenging. I really don't want her to wean herself. I'm always stressing over this. There really is no need for me to pimp because I never leave her and she's EBF baby. Please anything to help. Or is this pretty normal? I do notice breast are not really hard or engorged at night since she's skipping her 1-2 nursing sessions. Totally freakish me out. Does this mean I'm losing supply? Ugh it's frustrating me. What has worked for you ladies and your little darlings. All advice is welcome!

    I'm very conflicted because she's almost 9 months and we do every other day solids. I know the doctor wouldn't agree, but I don't want her to wean off her main supply mamas milk. How much solids is good? She's never had a problem pooping. Until we started introducing solids. It seems! The last 2 weeks or so she's been constipated. I don't know if that's because she's not use to solids or because I had been more open with my diet. What I mean. When she was born up in till about her 7 month I pretty much weeded out lots of foods that supposedly can cause baby gases. Around her 7 month I just starting eating things in normally would stay away from. So if mamas could tell me how they incorporate solids into their babies lives and still keep BF a success.

    One more question: what kinds of solids should my daughter be eating at this age?
    Thanks mamas for the advise.
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    Default Re: 8mo 3 wks/ night feedings/ solids help!!!

    I think you can take a deep breath and relax. It's entirely likely that her sleeping pattern will change again soon. My son slept twelve hours a few times around eight months but went right back to incredibly frequent night wakings when teething or especially right before his verbal leaps. Since you're not separated from baby and she's nearing a year, your supply will regulate itself to exactly what she needs. If she needs more, she'll have a few high frequency days and it ought to go back up.
    Nurse (or at least offer, baby can refuse) before giving solids as well as after to maintain bm as her main nutrition. But if she is interested, I feel you should offer whatever you are eating, excluding honey, egg whites and any choking hazard. We do a lot of veggies roasted in homemade bone broth, beans and rice, fruit (pears, apricots, prunes, peaches, kiwis are good for treating constipation), pasture raised meats, and hard boiled egg yolks.
    I started going to my local LLL meetings because I was freaked out by my son nursing so little around a year. I was told it's common and just keep offering. He's still nursing at 3.

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    Default Re: 8mo 3 wks/ night feedings/ solids help!!!

    Every baby is different, at 8 months we do solids every meal so 3 times a day, if I didn't she'd only steal my food anyways - and has when I haven't given her anything. We do baby led solids and so the amount she actually swallows is quite a lot less than a puree fed baby.

    I breastfeed before and after each meal... And she feds before and after each nap (2 or 3 a day). That said she sometimes feeds halfway through a nap too.

    Then again we still feed every 2-3 hours at night.

    I think my little girl is just breast obsessed... So this may not help you!

    Do try and relax!

    Your body is pretty adaptable ao I wouldn't worry too much about increasing solids bit by bit, if she does start to nurse less than you want you can always reduce the solids a bit.

    As for what foods I give finger foods including sweet potato wedges, fruit, strips of meat, cheese... Almost anything we are eating. I do try to avoid high salt foods and limit bread/cheese for that reason and I avoid sweet stuff other than fruit... But these could be personal paranoias!

    As for constipation they say to avoid BRAT (Banana rice apple toast?) foods and eat more P (peach pear, plum aPricot) foods... I hope I have the right foods for the anagrams!

    Poo increased for us with solids so I don't have personal experience if the above little bit. Sorry!

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    Default Re: 8mo 3 wks/ night feedings/ solids help!!!

    My baby is 8 months, 3 weeks and I feel like anytime we are into a routine or she sleeps a 7-8 hour stretch things change up again. She is a very active baby and for a while ONLY nursed for naps or at night when very sleepy because she was too distracted at other times. After reaching new milestones a few weeks ago and growth spurt (and teething!) she has snack nursed SO much lately and nursing throughout naps more. She eats solids when I eat pretty much, usually smaller meals 3-4 times a day but very small amounts sometimes- depends on her mood, if she likes what I offer her, etc. she does not like puréed baby food, probably since she can't pick it up! So usually refuses that. I too try to cook veggies in bone broth or give fresh foods when possible. I work part time and some days I don't get a chance to pump all day since I get SO busy and know I'll get behind and want to leave as soon as I can at end of day- then end up nursing a lot at night obviously to make up. Wouldn't recommend long periods like that but my supply has been fine even with those off days since I basically let her eat whenever she wants when we are together. I think you'll be fine since you're with her most of the time- just let her lead!

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