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Thread: 8 month old with a bad latch?

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    Default 8 month old with a bad latch?

    Okay this post might be long because I want to give as much detail as possible.

    When my little girl was born, breastfeeding was extremely painful. Her latch was pretty small and I just cringed every time she latched on! She just didn't want to open her mouth wide.

    We were constantly going to lactation appts.

    We even rented a baby scale and did weigh feed weighs every time she ate. At three months, sometimes she would take in as little as 17 ounces a day. And the worst part was that she would eat around 20x a day just for a minute. Getting maybe half an ounce each time.

    I was told by several lactation specialist it was because I did not produce sufficient milk. They gave me a pump and told me to start pumping to see how much milk I made. When I pumped--I got nothing. I was even told by one lactation specialist it was because I had insufficient glandular tissue OR that I possibly had a pituitary gland tumor! (THAT FREAKED ME OUT!) So I, totally heartbroken, came to the conclusion that I was not able to produce enough milk to sustain my little one.

    That night I was totally ready to give up on breastfeeding but WIC told me to try the medela symphony pump. I tried it and lo and behold! I had a let down! I never responded to any other pump I tried! I was able to pump out three ounces! I was so happy! I began pumping and my milk supply grew and grew! To the point of being able to pump 12 ounces no problem! (Oversupply problem! Different story!)

    About four weeks later we had her tie and upper lip procedure done. We did cranial-secro therapy, about 30 lactation specialist, and WIC. At 6 weeks she also had a time where she refused to eat for about 8 hours and had to be given an IV for dehydration.

    We were told she had silent reflux and that is why she refused to eat.

    Well going on 8 months, she still has an awful latch. The sandwich method does nothing, different positions don't seem to matter. I was so frustrated with her for so long. I would see the videos of the babies that just opened their mouths so HUGE it was like their jaw was dislocating.

    So here comes my question. My baby always seems very uncomfortable at the breast. She will eat for maybe 30 secs and then pull off in discomfort. A girl on here mentioned that maybe she was swallowing air from a bad latch and that was causing the problem.

    Has anyone experienced this? I feel as though I have exhausted ALL of my options on how to fix her latch....advice? My breasts are smaller, so does she maybe not have to take as much in her mouth? I feel absolutely no pain, isn't that a sign its okay?

    Thank you so much for all that stuck through this novel. I am so excited to hear from fellows moms with advice!
    Momma to Miss Elisabeth

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    Default Re: 8 month old with a bad latch?

    So you are saying nursing doesn't hurt for you anymore?

    Is baby gaining weight well now?

    If not, did you ever try oral motor therapy/speech therapy after the tongue/lip tie procedures? Tongue and lip ties being corrected late means the muscles need to re-learn how to work and a speech therapist with experience with infant feeding issues can help with exercises to strengthen/stretch those muscles. (It is possible that an IBCLC may have given you exercises for that too.)

    Have you tried the Flipple latching technique (search on You Tube)
    I still have trouble getting my LO to latch deeply and even after the tongue and lip procedures and speech therapy it is work for me to get his top lip flanged out, but he is able to transfer milk better now (I've seen him get from 2.8-3.2 oz in one feeding occasionally now days though he does tend to still snack a lot too.)

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    Default Re: 8 month old with a bad latch?

    Agree with the PP about oral therapy, and flipple.

    I know you said positioning doesn't help, does that include laid back? ( Just because I don't often see it recommended).

    You've probably tried breast compressions too, but just in case you haven't they may be an option.

    Oral therapy wise you can try the tongue walk and suck training... These are much easier if a therapist shows them but you may be alright with internet instructions.

    Well done for getting to 8 months despite issues!

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