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Thread: Cosleep/Reverse Cycling & working occasional night shifts?

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    Default Cosleep/Reverse Cycling & working occasional night shifts?

    Hi! I am new to this group. Brief background- I am a full time working mom and I EBF by 5 month old. My daughter doesn't do sleeping in her crib well so usually after her 7-10pm stint in her crib she is ready for our bed. She pretty much eats all night long and only takes 10oz or so when i work 9 hours during the day (so I am pretty sure she is reverse cycling).

    I am terrified because next week I work 3 night shifts in a row and I am afraid she will be inconsolable and my poor husband will be up with her all night. Has anyone had similar situations? Also, my other issue is that if I work really early in the morning and try to get out of bed at 5, she wakes up despite extreme efforts. Even if I get out of bed without her waking, it only takes 5 minutes for her to realize i am not there. I really enjoy the night nursing/cosleeping because we don't see each other a lot during the day. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Cosleep/Reverse Cycling & working occasional night shif

    Welcome to the forum!

    In situations like these, you just have to trust that daddy and baby will find their own rhythm. It might be a rough few nights, but they will get it sorted.

    It sounds like you might be one of those moms who is worried that co-sleeping is "ruining" her baby's ability to be comforted by others. But it's not. Your baby wants you because she's 5 months old, not because you co-sleep. Co-sleeping just enables you to cope with nighttime parenting!

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